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  1. paul rondelli

    What is the fasination with 4 door trucks and SUV's?

    Maybe I'm just really old school ... but the novelty of 4 door trucks and small SUV's/jeeps has worn off for me. I have owned ( and daily driven) my Broncos for 15 years and I have sat in the back seat twice. If you want to be the car pool guy or Uber drive your friends around ... then get a 4...
  2. paul rondelli

    General knowledge.... brake light issues can cause transmission failure (E4OD)

    Just read about a fellow Bronco enthusiast who burned up two transmission (E4OD) due to a short in his third brake light. The computer checks for voltage at the brake lights to determine if the brakes are engaged. This is turn causes the electronic transmission to disengage the torque converter...
  3. paul rondelli

    Let's upgrade that stereo head unit (so our smart phones work) for less than $500

    I just installed this Sony head unit into my 15 Yo daughters Ford Focus. The new generation are glued to their phones … and Apple car play seems to be a way to keep them from looking down at their phones while driving. Since CD's have now gone the way of cassette tapes your head unit only needs...
  4. paul rondelli

    What size tire can I stuff under my Gen 5 Bronco

    This topic has been discussed endlessly … but a picture is worth a 1,000 posts. The generally accepted standard is as follows 31" tire for stock ride height Bronco 33" tire with a 4 inch suspension lift 35" tires with a 6 inch suspension lift These standards should be considered if the Bronco...
  5. paul rondelli

    Consumer reports hammers the 2020 Wrangler

    So much for the Bronco's main competition. I won't get into my feelings on the Jeep and whole "duck" culture …. because Jeep you just got the ultimate form of "ducked".
  6. paul rondelli

    replacing rear seat mounting hardware ( fun with broken bolts)

    So about a year ago I decided to take out the back seat of my 1996. When I did the same operation on my 1993 it was super easy without any issues.... so i did not expect the horror show that follows on the 1996. I ended up snapping off 4 of the 6 bolts … flush with the bed. For the last year I...
  7. paul rondelli

    Backpacking in Northwest South Carolina

    Having a Bronco signifies a appreciation of exploration and discovery. To really embody this attitude try parking the Bronco at a trail head and walking in. This last week me and a buddy decided to hike a few portions of the "foot hills trail' located in NW South...
  8. paul rondelli

    1991 Bronco sells for 90,000

    That is one sweet Bronco... but not for 90,000
  9. paul rondelli

    1980 Bronco burn out craziness

    No replacement for displacement.
  10. paul rondelli

    The Ford clutch master cylinder one man hack

    For anyone who has ever tried to bleed a Ford Clutch... I have devised a one man hack to get all the air out of the system... without the need for a second person to pump the pedal. I will start off by stating that I have bleed the clutch master cylinder for the following ( 1993 Ford explorer (...
  11. paul rondelli

    Going to try a black and white theme for the 1996

    I have been thinking about trying a white stripe, white top, with the white KC lights. The vinyl stickers are about 30 bucks and I had the KC daylighters already. On a side note anyone upgraded their KC daylighters to HID or LED? KC has a kit for 100 a piece for a LED upgrade but that is a...
  12. paul rondelli

    throwing a P1506 when towing

    Crazy that I only get this code when I pull my little pop up to the campsite. After i unhook from the trailer the check engine light goes off after about 15 minutes. Not sure why the computer would think that I'm somehow getting more air in the system just from towing. This is on the 5.0 1996...