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  1. TCopp

    6/27/22 Build Week Thread

    Surprised not to see this week yet. If there’s already one, please direct me, I did search for one. Fourth bump. 5/30, 6/6, 6/13, 6/27. I’ve had two build days (6/8 and 6/14). This whole thing is a joke.
  2. TCopp

    Official Bronco Raptor HP/TQ Numbers

    Per Jim Farley: The idea for #BroncoRaptor was an Ultra4 racing-inspired Bronco built for high speed off-roading & extreme rock crawling. The target was 400 horsepower. Now it's official: 418hp + 440lbs-ft of torque! Congrats to the @FordPerformance team for taking #BuiltWild to a new level!
  3. TCopp

    *6/6 Build Week*

    No 6/6 thread yet? Come one, come all that were kicked out of the 5/30 build week. I know there are a few of us. 7/13/20 reservation. Loaded Badlands to golden ticket Raptor. I feel like this is never ending.
  4. TCopp

    5/30/22 Build Week Thread

    Hey all, I know Raptors have only been scheduled so far for this week, but I figured I’d get it going. I reserved July 13th, 2020. Original had an almost fully loaded Badlands with the painted hard top. We all know those were eventually pushed to 2023, I decided to wait, so never got a build...
  5. TCopp

    Raptor Build Dates

    I’ve seen four people between Facebook and 6G post scheduled build dates for their Raptor. The earliest was the week of 5/9. Still here waiting.
  6. TCopp

    Break Time

    Well guys/gals, I'm on my last leg here. I've been here since almost the beginning (member 306), my reservation is within the first two hours, I've been mostly positive about these delays, but I'm burnt out. My wife is tired of waiting for the Bronco as well, she's not a fan of me driving the...
  7. TCopp

    Updated Plant Closures 5/19

    Not sure if this has been posted anywhere yet, but here is the updated closures/schedules (sorry for the poor quality):
  8. TCopp

    Finally saw them in person!

    Well, the traveling Broncos made their way down to KC this past weekend. I only took a few pics, since most of us live these things on the forum daily. They had two soft top four door Badlands. Both non Squatch, both lux package, 2.7 engines. Almost what I’m getting, but, kinda lame they were...
  9. TCopp

    Another color dilemma thread

    Hey all. Here we are again. I’ve been set on Oxford White for a while now, with the plan of wrapping the top white. I just like the crisp look of all white with a bit of black. Red is my favorite color, especially red and black. So I’ve been debating on going race red and keeping the top...
  10. TCopp

    Badlands Order Thread

    I know everyone has been posting their orders throughout the forum on other threads, but I figured this would be a good place for us Badlands owners to have it all in one place. Mine finally went through last night. Can't wait! Expecting a late summer delivery due to the options and top. My...
  11. TCopp

    F-150 Tremor

    Has anyone seen the reveal of this? I believe it came out yesterday, but I just now got around to checking it out. I have been toying with the idea of switching to an F-150, and this news is increasing my chances. It is being released at the same time at the Bronco, pricing has not been posted...
  12. TCopp

    KC Area Bronco Club

    Haven't seen a post for a ground near Kansas City, so I'll start one here just in case for future needs.