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  1. FireOne

    What's going on your AUX switches?

    The Wildtrak belongs to my Bride, she wants one of the switches to control the passenger ejection seat for when I get too smart with her.
  2. FireOne

    Advice on 4-door Bronco Trim

    Wow guys, have they raised the MSRP of the 2022 and 2023 up that much? My Bride's 2021 WT, MIC Top and cloth seats was $54k flat!
  3. FireOne

    Rockslide Engineering- Battery Issue

    We have a lot in common.
  4. FireOne

    How to make flush?

    Ok, this thread has gone straight into the toilet.
  5. FireOne

    Rockslide Engineering- Battery Issue

    Look forward to meeting you, in case I miss your post-look me up at my company Firestop Commercial. I guess we could have married taller girls but I prefer the compact size. By the way it's her Bronco not mine.
  6. FireOne

    How to make flush?

    Me too. Push large button for big flush, small button for small flush.
  7. FireOne

    Rockslide Engineering- Battery Issue

    Thanks Tom, it is not a defect in the Rockslides, the edge her leg rubs on is smooth powder coat. It is just that her feet are so short that her shin contacts the Slide and as she lifts herself in it rubs. Not hard and won't result in injury just puts pressure on a sensitive part (shinbone). My...
  8. FireOne

    Rockslide Engineering- Battery Issue

    No Tom I don't.
  9. FireOne

    Rockslide Engineering- Battery Issue

    Chief, the step is plenty wide enough to step on even without the optional Rockslide skid plate, it is just a little awkward. The step from the the Rockslide into the interior is only about 5 more inches and when you use the rockslide as a step is just feels a little weird taking that little 5"...
  10. FireOne

    Rockslide Engineering- Battery Issue

    I have these on my Bride's 4dr Wilktrak.and have not yet experienced the battery drain issue but just wanted you to know although I love the Rockslide Power Steps, my 5ft-2" bride is not as big a fan. This is because the actual rockslide housing is very wide, sticks out about 5", looks great...
  11. FireOne

    What small modifications have you made on your bronco?

    No worries, auto correct has gotten me into big trouble also.
  12. FireOne

    What small modifications have you made on your bronco?

    I didn't think Velcro would stick to those things. Please post pics.
  13. FireOne

    What small modifications have you made on your bronco?

    I just gotta ask, what is a Velcro vagina tailgate table? This should be good.
  14. FireOne

    My new Bronco Sport randomly won't accelerate from a stop.

    This might be a dumb question, but these things have the stupid Auto Stop feature when you stop at a light for over say 10 seconds, it shuts the engine off and then restarts when you lift your foot off the brake. Sometimes works a little slow and stumbles a little at takeoff. The switch on the...
  15. FireOne

    Thieves steal nearly $1M worth of Ford F-150 Raptor pickups

    They only stole one Raptor, the dealer had an ADM on it for $900,000 over MSRP..
  16. FireOne

    2.7 L Engine Failure

    21195, 2.7 with 4100 miles and all's well. Givin' her the onion every chance I get.
  17. FireOne

    If you weren't buying a Bronco...

    2 gallons of gas.
  18. FireOne

    My wife might think I've lost my mind...

    What if the world ends before you get your Bronco? You will be stuck with all that cool stuff. Let me know if you get worried and I will take it all off your hands.
  19. FireOne

    Would you dance on your Bronco?

    I was afraid of that too. Oh the humanity! Thank God no Bronco's were harmed in the making of the video.
  20. FireOne

    Break in time

    My bride's Wildtrak has 4,000 miles, I changed the oil at 1,000 miles just to be safe. It would not crack 17 mpg avg before about 3,500 miles now it is getting about 18mpg. Breaking in maybe?