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    Win a Bronco First Edition: Raffle ends in 1 hour!

    My local Ford dealer sent me a link to the raffle of a Bronco that he'd donated to United Way. Only a hundred thousand dollars has been raised through ticket sales as of today. That seems to be really good odds of winning a First Edition Bronco...
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    Big Bend built 06/16 delivery 07/14

    It’s here:
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    Anybody heard of a “missing” Big Bend part?

    Some Big Bend builds have been “In Production” for over a week. Is their any known commodity shortage?
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    Window Sticker build date codes

    On the top left of the sticker is the code named “blend”. On the number just above that, the last 4 numbers are the build date: Mine is 0616 June 14th (Monday) is supposed to be the first day of customer production
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    Bronco in production notification

    Guess What! Got a Window sticker… Broncos are being built. Mine is in production!!!!
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    Why can’t Ford fabricate removable metal roofs?

    In WW II, Ford built metal tops for its military vehicles. It’s not that hard, especially when you need TOPS We’ve got the patterns. ;)
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    Dealer Demo, FE and priority production totals

    Whoa…. Got a peek at production schedule! Last day of Demo production is 06/22/2021. Priority production runs from 6/23/21 to 7/5/21 FE production restarts on 7/06/21 and finishes 8/3/21. Regular production starts 7/12 then continues at 500 Broncos a day after 8/3.
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    I now have an exact build DAY!

    *** 06/23/2021 *** My original build was the week of June 7th, emailed correction (after delay) stated was moved to the week of the 14th. My serial number now shows up on the 23rd…. Got a peek at the computer schedule …
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    MAP 3rd shift in the works?

    Have Ford and the UAW reached agreement?
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    Preproduction Bronco for sale

    Ramey Ford Princeton has a Base Bronco 6 cylinder 4dr soft top ...serial number 1FMEE5DP2MLA63676 in stock and ...for sale. $52K
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    Best way to tow any Bronco behind an RV?

    Been working on a tow rated rig. Lots of considerations involved! Thought I’d specifically ask this group for opinions. ...Not that anyone here would be too shy.
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    Have you seen the Bronco RV prototype at SuperCel?

    My dealer took a 4X4 Bronco RV prototype to SuperCel in Tennessee. Have you seen it? What do you think of it? Post pictures if you can get any...
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    Help for anyone not converting their reservation to an order (especially FE)

    I’ve found a loophole that will allow purchase of an FE reservation...
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    What to do ...when you’ve ordered two?

    Like a big excited dummy! I ordered 2 in the first weeks ...then forgot. (Actually, ordered a BL, a sport, then a base a week later ...backed out on the sport and got that refund) It wasn’t until I got a second batch of gift merch from the dealer that I remembered I’d ordered two...
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    Bronco: New “Jurassic Park” vehicle

    Remember the Ford Explorer was a great hit in the first Jurassic Park movie? Here’s me in my real life scientist role creating a “new” animal species! (4 minute video) Bronco field biology. Happy New Year!
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    Happy New Year Bronco Nation

    Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!
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    Bronco Forum Wish list...

    I would wish that I had a new Bronco... For now, I’m wishing that everyone has Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
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    Jeep 4xE production has started. Are we worried?

    I’m not running a promo for Fiat, just reporting what’s up. Damn thing has monster torque and the same ground clearance. Does lack of plug- in hybrid in Bronco matter? Heck, PHEV’s are killin‘
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    Car and Driver Magazine has Bronco on its 2021 list

    Car and Driver has Bronco #2 on it’s most anticipated vehicles of 2021 list. The Porsche 911 for 2021 (of course) tops the listing....