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  1. OldDude60

    Got my sticker and Blend date

    Got my in production email and blend date (6/23) finger crossed.
  2. OldDude60

    Got the email from Ford

    Received my email today (Sunday) With a build week 6/13. I was told by my dealer earlier, but never received a conformation email until today. The clock is ticking. It’s a pretty basic model.
  3. OldDude60

    Bronco Sport Built

    Got the email from FMC saying our Bronco Sport Badlands has been built. Scheduled to be at the dealer the end of June. Now have to decide to take this or wait on our full size bronco that is scheduled to begin production the week of 6/13. Decisions-decisions!
  4. OldDude60

    Got my build week

    Got a call from my dealer with a build date week of 6/13. No email from FMC yet. Fingers crossed.