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  1. jossman

    Who is still waiting for a build date?

    7/17/20 Loaded WT.Dealer in April said I was #4 on their allocations but no news since!!!With the current economy there will be many customers cancelling.Don't think Ford gives a "Rat's Ass"
  2. jossman

    Any new gifts from Ford ?

    Got a backpack from Marketing when called to ask about my 7/17/2020 reservation.Later that day got call from Dealer telling me where I was on Dealer Allocation list.Don't know if there is any connection when you call Corporate or if was just coincidence!Hard to get info out of anyone.Waving...
  3. jossman


    Said in a previous post I would mount a winch on the Receiver Hitch + power with an Xtra battery.Can install + remove as conditions dictate.Don't want to modify or move any factory installed options.4dr Wt MIC Lux Tow Modular Bumper.
  4. jossman

    Make them Simple, so you can Make them

    The Cyclone V6 [3.7] would be perfect.Have it in my 2011 Mustang.Plenty of torque +HP-great gas mileage.
  5. jossman

    Make them Simple, so you can Make them

    The Cyclone V6 [3.7] would be the perfect motor with just a higher capacity oil pan for the Bronco.I have the Cyclone in my 2011 Mustang[plenty of power + super gas mileage]
  6. jossman

    2022 Bronco Leather Seats

    Thank You.
  7. jossman

    2022 Bronco Leather Seats

    Are The Leather seats with Lux Heated + cooled? Read somewhere that they were.but thought they were just heated along with steering wheel.
  8. jossman

    Phone charge pad

    Thanks.Will use for charging mainly as do not run any apps as a rule.
  9. jossman

    Phone charge pad

    Anyone have experience with phone charge pad?
  10. jossman

    Insurance Estmates

    Anyone fortunate enough to get a new Bronco have an insurance cost?Am 76-good driving record,multi vehicle + bundled with Homeowners.My Agent says can give me a quote when I have a VIN#.Hope I live that long!!! WT Lux Tow MIC + door keypad!
  11. jossman


    Longtime K+N guy but will go with Whipple if I ever get my build.Assume K+N cleaning kit would work with Whipple? Anyone used K+N kit to clean a Whipple?More airflow always a plus in CO!!!
  12. jossman

    How many long haulers are left ? unscheduled July '20 reservation holders?

    7/17/2020 Wildtrak,MIC,tow,lux +keypad.Beyond Pissed Off.Have seen similar builds on the road.
  13. jossman

    Ford Performance Upgrades

    Biggest Performance Upgrade at this time would be to get the M-F****r! 7/17/2020 Reservation!
  14. jossman

    Another Ford e-mail

    Got this email 2/23/22.Am not giving up tow package because I need 7 prong wiring.Have many other vehicles + still looking for a Good Yugo!
  15. jossman

    Winch Mounting?

    If I ever get my WT with tow will have a portable winch plate to mount winch below the spare[have this setup that I use with my PU's]Have heavy cables + clamps for Batt + winch.99% of the time don't need a winch.Have 100 ft synthetic rope to help stuck people.Have winch on 88 YJ that have seldom...
  16. jossman

    Blocking Bronco6g

    "Just take what you need + leave the rest behind"!!!
  17. jossman

    Just a Reminder

    Talking with a person that hates Unions is like wrestling with a pig in the mud.You soon realize the pig likes it!!!
  18. jossman

    Just a Reminder

    Sounds like you have never enjoyed the benefits of Union Membership.Too Bad!!
  19. jossman

    Colorado Bronco

    Saw 3 0n the road yesterday + talked to 1 owner.He was loving it,but had reordered a soft top to get delivery.Still sticking with WT, Lux,MIC +Tow.Maybe 2024.
  20. jossman

    Interesting Broncos listed on my dealer's website

    76 yrs old + have never had so much trouble trying to spend $60,000.Anyone have a good YUGO they want to off?