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  1. JoergH

    US West Perspiration Point view Moody Truck Trail

    Short, scenic drive through the San Bernardino National Forest starting in Acton and ending in Mill Summit. View Bronco Event
  2. JoergH

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Thanks for the response! But I typo-ed my question. I meant to ask what bumper you used, and if the front camera still works? I'm looking for a setup that will allow me to continue to use the front camera as well as the ACC on my Badlands LUX.
  3. JoergH

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    That's great! I didn't realize that the sensor was that large! What winch number did you end up using? Does it interfere with the front camera?
  4. JoergH

    How-to successfully order parts from Ford’s accessories site

    Please, don't get me started on Ford's website design issues, I'll drink myself to death. Let's just say that I don't hold Ford's IT department in general in very high esteem.
  5. JoergH


    I would also contact Ford Customer Service about this. Are you listening @Ford Motor Company
  6. JoergH

    After 2 Years... I FINALLY took delivery of my Bronco!

    Yeah, I was a day 2 reservation holder and picked mine up on Jan 28th 2022, and same here, non-stop smile. This was especially true this weekend when I took her out to Big Bear Bronco Bash and got to get her dirty!
  7. JoergH

    US West Big Bear Bronco Bash

    BBBB was a blast!
  8. JoergH

    WARNING Wheel Beauty Ring Removal - Bronco

    Have you reached out to Ford Customer Service about this? I would definitely give them a call and see if they can help.
  9. JoergH

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    I got them as well, love them.
  10. JoergH

    US West Big Bear Bronco Bash

    Well, today is the first day of BBBB! Here's a quick message for the "newbies" from Dusty. Read If This is your FIRST Big Bear Bronco Bash BBBBXXI – Please read if this is your FIRST Big Bear Bronco Bash! Hey guys it looks like we’re going to have a LOT more new people at the Bash this year...
  11. JoergH

    Tailgate Folding Table Installed

    I went with a third party table from Outdoor Adventure Products for, among other reasons, that they didn't require any drilling. It looks great, works like a champ, and holds more weight than the Ford table! For more info check them out at...
  12. JoergH

    Open them up and let them breathe

    Yup, just keep in mind that your idea of "weather permitting", and someone else's idea of "weather permitting" might be different. :D
  13. JoergH

    Why did you choose your model of bronco?

    My story is similar, but the other way around. I started out wanting the First Edition, but because of the website issues on the first day of reservations I wasn't able to get one. So I settled for the next trim level down, the WildTrak. I then discovered that the WT didn't come with the...
  14. JoergH

    Ford Pride Bronco

    Let me put it this way, when donuts are discriminated against, murdered for being donuts, and generally get a hard time, I'm all for a donut pride themed Bronco! BTW, donuts DO get murdered in my house all the time. They don't last long around here! In all seriousness I'm just as dubious about...
  15. JoergH

    Ford Pride Bronco

    It's not the ugly build comments I'm talking about, but I think you know that. It's not to my taste either. It's the comments about why Ford is doing this in the first place that I'm wondering about.
  16. JoergH

    Ford Pride Bronco

    I find it interesting that Ford trying to show support for a group of people that have been marginalized and discriminated against in this country for it's entire existence is somehow controversial.
  17. JoergH

    Finally a ship date!!

    I have to say, 5 months after taking delivery, I still do the same thing!
  18. JoergH

    Ladies-Only Bronco Off-Roadeo Experience in Texas on July 21!

    Like I said above, I would LOVE for my wife to attend an off-rodeo, and I think that doing so at an all ladies event would make her more comfortable. Unfortunately, I've already attended an off-rodeo (Moab) so something that's pay to play would be great!
  19. JoergH

    Tomorrow is the day!!!

    The blend date is when the body meets the chassis of your Bronco on the production line. You can find the blend date on your window sticker at the VERY tip top near the middle.
  20. JoergH

    Apple Air Tag

    Maybe we could build him a little money condo that sits in the back? Add some A/C for those hot So Cal days, small screen TV, and, of course, a mate. :)