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  1. SquatchOrBust

    Hotel - Class of Nov' '21.

    I stayed in town. It's a lot less expensive than red cliffs and closer to restaurants and arches. You may even enjoy the 20-30 min drive to the off-rodeo event as it's pretty scenic the entire way.
  2. SquatchOrBust

    Window Stickers for Build Week of Nov. 8th?

    My build week is this week (week of 10/25), and my window sticker just became available last week (Thursday, 10/21). Definitely not 2 weeks before the build week.
  3. SquatchOrBust

    Arizona Bronco Club

    What's the Bronco ride along? Is it the same type of event where you get to drive off-road?
  4. SquatchOrBust

    Bronco Nation Trail guide

    OnXoffroad is definitely good. It has trail info including the difficulty level and even includes photos of the trail.
  5. SquatchOrBust

    Arizona Bronco Club

    Definitely a fun event. The place was really close to Wekopa casino (formerly Fort McDowell Casino) and is on Indian reservation land. There are signs on Rodeo Drive so you won't miss the place. Check-in was quick as there weren't too many people. During check-in, they gave us each a free...
  6. SquatchOrBust

    Broken 2021Bronco

    Use it, break it, fix it, repeat.
  7. SquatchOrBust

    Arizona Bronco Club

    I'm booked for tomorrow morning.
  8. SquatchOrBust

    My recent experience at the Moab Bronco Off-rodeo

    Great review and footage. I'm definitely going back here once I take delivery.
  9. SquatchOrBust

    Moab Off-Rodeo…Just Wow!

    They won't automatically do this. Like what @TorgSurv said - "We can usually make sure you at least get to see and possibly sit in the one you want, just let us know when you arrive and we'll do what we can.". They can't guarantee it, however, they have quite a few Badlands there. I would...
  10. SquatchOrBust

    Ford Confirms Raptor Bronco

    Dislikes ahead so far...
  11. SquatchOrBust

    Moab Off-Rodeo…Just Wow!

    Nice! Yep, that's me lol. Thanks for sharing these!
  12. SquatchOrBust

    Moab Off-Rodeo…Just Wow!

    I was Bronco 2.
  13. SquatchOrBust

    She’s Home!!

    Congrats! Let us know how the process goes.
  14. SquatchOrBust

    High expectations, surpassed!

    I posted it here -
  15. SquatchOrBust

    Spare Tire Size?

    Should be the same 35s for the spare.
  16. SquatchOrBust

    Moab Off-Rodeo…Just Wow!

    I would say the Bad Lands would be closest to FE.
  17. SquatchOrBust

    Moab Off-Rodeo…Just Wow!

    Thanks for sharing this! Nice pic! I didn't realize there was a Big Bend there. We only had 3 trims in my group so this must've been sitting in the lower parking area the day we went.
  18. SquatchOrBust

    I still have not seen a Bronco in person!

    Your Ford dealer may have a mannequin unit available for people to test.
  19. SquatchOrBust

    Moab Off-Roadeo and the Full Long Weekend

    Thanks for sharing your experience, and congrats on getting your production date!