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  1. BroncoFred

    #40 on dealer’s list

    My dealer told me I was #40 on their allocation list. That doesn’t mean much to me as I don’t know how fast they go through them. Seems crazy though, to be 40th after already waiting 236 days. They also said that due to Mic top and other constraints they can not give me any estimates.
  2. BroncoFred

    Still waiting but Wife bought a Sport

    I’ve been waiting for my Bronco BD now for 230 days. Went to the dealer to “just look around” and ended up buying a Bronco Sport Badlands for my wife. It is MUCH nicer than I expected! I wish it was that easy to get my full size.
  3. BroncoFred

    Bronco Store ... not what I thought!

    I got excited when I saw this store in Tombstone AZ. Unfortunately, no Bronco's to be had. :cry:
  4. BroncoFred

    I caved on the tow package

    We’ll I said I wasn’t going to do it, but today I caved and removed the tow package in hopes of speeding up my Bronco assembly. It’s been 145 days since I ordered. My dealer pulled up my order and told me no VIN yet but that there was this message from Ford: “Informational Message 6 -M307...
  5. BroncoFred

    Bronco Financing Timing

    For those of you that have gotten this far, at what point during the process do you work out financing details with your dealer? When production is scheduled, when you have a vin, when it’s delivered? Just curious. Thanks in advance.
  6. BroncoFred

    No Sasquatch on 4 doors?

    It appears that you cannot get the SAS package on a four door. Anyone know why? I heard this but did not believe. Tried to build one on the webpage and when trying to select Sasquatch it forces it back to a two door.
  7. BroncoFred

    Some lucky son-of-a-gun!

    Stopped by a dealer in Buckeye AZ to see about switching dealers due to some shenanigans another dealer pulled (discussed in another thread I posted a “dealer delivers bad news on hardtop”), which I’ll update later, and saw this beauty FE. The dealer told me it came in early and the owner is out...
  8. BroncoFred

    Dealer Delivers Bad News on Hardtops

    My dealer just called and told me he was told by Ford that they are not building any hardtops due to “commodity constraints” and that it will likely be 2025 before they build those again, that they are only building soft tops . The dealer thought that they may be giving us a “worse case...
  9. BroncoFred

    First Bronco Test Drive

    Stopped by my dealer for my first Bronco test drive. A beautiful WT, SAS, in velocity blue. My order is a BD velocity blue, so I was happy to see this color in person. Absolutely love the color. The drive was amazing too. I recently read a review in Motor Trend magazine that mentioned a loud...
  10. BroncoFred

    Is there anything I need to do to show my order under my account on

    I received the email from Ford confirming my order but I do not see anything listed under “My Orders” on Is there anything I need to do to get my order to show up there?
  11. BroncoFred

    Got my first email from Ford

    After placing my order in Sep, and converting to MY22 yesterday, I finally got the official first step notice from Ford. I know I have a long way to go but I feel like I’m finally, and officially, in line!
  12. BroncoFred

    2022 No Rock Rails?

    I previously built a 2021 BD, Sasquatch and it came with rock rails. In building a 2022, everything the same, it looks like it does not come with rock rails and I do not see where I can add them. Has anyone else noticed this?
  13. BroncoFred

    Got my Bronco quick!

    I got my Bronco within weeks! I’m not sure why y’all are having so much trouble! Of course, it’s a little smaller than I expected (1/24 scale to be exact)
  14. BroncoFred

    Tune steps on BD

    I know the BD comes with rock rails but is it possible to add side steps, or tube steps, whatever they are called?
  15. BroncoFred

    Placed my order!

    Placed my order yesterday. Velocity Blue BD, Sasquatch, mid pkg. Dealer said Ford wasn’t taking reservations right now (due to supply and demand issues) but is holding my order until they open up ordering again. Told me not to expect it until 2023. The anticipation is going to drive me crazy...