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  1. Jstump99

    Montgomery County MD

    My 4 door base just arrived - new to off-roading, where in the area does anyone recommend wetting my feet? Also looking for any local events and meets, willing to travel some distance
  2. Jstump99

    She’s here! 1st Cyber Orange Base 4d

    Just landed at the dealer and I pick it up this weekend hopefully! This is the ONLY non sas base 4 door in cyber Orange that I have seen so far!
  3. Jstump99

    Module Data question

    Howdy. My Bronco shows built since 4/25 Is it normal for there to be gaps in the module as-built data like below? Currently shows Carrier Convoy delay
  4. Jstump99

    Any good trails for Non-Sasquatch in the DC area?

    Looking to get my feet wet when my base model arrives (annnnny day now) Any good places to learn in the area - will be going to OffRoadeo soon
  5. Jstump99

    Estimated Delivery May 3-9 but not shipped email

    I have red posts on here and B6 G about members getting their Broncos before receiving the shipped update. Wondering how common place this actually is? Mine is due to be shift via convoy to northern Virginia. Was built 4–25, I see an estimated delivery of May 3 to May 9, but not a shipped...
  6. Jstump99

    2022 Bronco Base 4 Door Soft-Top: Order to Delivery Timeline The link is to a write-up on my website of my build process for my 2022 Base. I will update once I receive the delivery. As of the last update it is in row CE4G awaiting convoy pickup.
  7. Jstump99

    NHTSA Full Overlap Front Crash Test Released (4 Door)

    Received a 4 star overall Personally - I didn’t love seeing the potential for broken wrist, but in the grand scheme, it was great to see the body structure remain intact, including the roof frame, despite heavy frame bending. This paired with the past partial overlap make the Bronco look to...
  8. Jstump99

    US Southeast BroncoRoo! Bonaroo 2022 Group Camping

    Over three days on "The Farm" in Manchester, TN. The Bonaroo Music and Arts Festival comes to town to provide nonstop music, entertainment, and all-around good vibes. When? June 16-19, 2022 - Manchester TN We need 22+ individual camp spots to get a group site, so RSVP ASAP. Once we have...
  9. Jstump99

    Bonaroo Music Festival (June 16th-19th 2022) Manchester TN

    Howdy! For any of my music festival-goers, does anyone have an interest in starting a Bronco Groop Camping group? It does require a minimum of 24 individuals, but, it's a great event with great music, people, and experiences and it would be great to get the Broncos together!! Even if not...
  10. Jstump99

    PMC Bronco Build (Base 4 Door)

    2022 Ford Bronco Base 4-Door Ordered 12/28/22, Blend 4/21, Built 4/25, Shipped?, Delivered?. As soon as it arrived then we will get started installing the mods that have already shown up. 2.3/ 10 speed Non-Sasquatch Soft-Top Cyber Orange Options: Keyless Entry Keypad AUX Rubber Floor...
  11. Jstump99

    Did I pick enough sins?

    Just updated my Big Bend 4-door order. My base is being built now, so I figured I'm ok with waiting for perfection. 2022 Bronco Big Bend 4 Door Cyber Orange/ Black and Sandstone interior 2.3/ Manual Sasquatch MIC top Tow Capability Roof Rails Keyless Entry Keypad Engine Block Heater Signature...
  12. Jstump99

    4/21 Blend Date - when can I expect to hear anything

    Yesterday, 4/21, was my blend date. My dealer contact, OrderTrack.App and Ford are unable to see any update to my production status at all - and I happen to know others with 4/1 got modules. I got nada. Could this be a chip hold or something? My Ford tracker doesn't even show the date of...
  13. Jstump99

    4/18 Build Week! So close!

    16 days to go as of this posting (4/2) Who else is scheduled for 4/18 and is getting as antsy as I am? Post your build specs and res/order dates Res 7/17/21, Ordered 12/28/2021 -> Originally scheduled on 1/20 for 2/28, eventually pushed to 4/18. 2022 Bronco Base 4 Door - 2.3 Auto - Cyber...
  14. Jstump99

    Koons Sterling is the Best! In house tracking/ update system

    My dealer, Koons Sterling in VA has developed its own in house web program for tracking your order status once a VIN is assigned. The update the database every Friday usually, and I get an email from my salesman any time there is a change or update. Its nothing fancy - but when the Ford...
  15. Jstump99

    Buyer Beware - Big Bend listed as Badlands

    Beware of “Billy Hill” in Salisbury MD on Facebook Marketplace (and likely elsewhere) He was what is CLEARLY a Big Bend with Mid listed as a Badlands SAS. It’s a Big Bend with Badlands fender stickers and some aftermarket wheels. Headlights, grill, and interior gave it away instantly...
  16. Jstump99

    Changes made but no email

    Hello - the other day my dealer made some changes to my order on my request. I have my order sheet thankfully - but never got an email from Ford about the update. Should I expect one?
  17. Jstump99

    DC region dealers needed for drop shipping

    Hello! I ordered from a dealer in ND, purely for the last minute availability and deal, and willing to arrange drop shipping. I need to let him know my drop shipping dealer code ASAP - otherwise I will make the journey to ND myself and make it a trip. I need some DC area (+/- 150 miles)...
  18. Jstump99

    Base 2 Door SAS -> Big Bend 4 Door

    Just submitted my updated specs Original: Base 2 Door SAS 2.7 Auto Hot Chili Red New: Big Bend 4 Door MIC Roof Rails Signature LED Package Splash Guards Tire Cover Keyless Entry Keypad AUX
  19. Jstump99

    Too late to edit order?

    I placed an order on 3/7/22 - not scheduled yet - no vin the order: Base - 2 Door - SAS - 2.7 - Hot Pepper Red - Roof Rack - Aux the new order: Big Bend - 4 Door - SAS 2.3/ 7-speed - Hard Top - Cyber Orange - w/ tow pkg, splash guards, roof rails, keyless entry keypad, signature LED, cargo...
  20. Jstump99

    4-18 build week

    I was originally scheduled 2/28 and have been pushed numerous times. Now I rest on 4-18 and pray the next email I get is “in production.” Any other 4/18 buds out there? Order placed 12/28/21 with a reservation 2022 base 4 door soft top Cyber Orange 2.3 auto Aux keyless and rubber liners