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  1. BASH_5137

    Doors an tow hooks for Sugar today.

    Add the M2M door pockets an badges to doors an tow hooks on the front. If I didn't already post head light covers. And RTR end caps for front bumper.
  2. BASH_5137


    New hood, steel Bumper in back,Massive Bars, 2" Lift, Bash plate tow hooks and skids all powder coated in white. SUGAR is starting to come together this morning after her wheel alignment.
  3. BASH_5137


    Only one guess what I drive versus what the ex drives. LOVE THIS BRONCO!!!
  4. BASH_5137

    Bronco off road Austin

    First vacation in 10 years was a blast.
  5. BASH_5137

    Sugar is Home in 5 short months.

    So many things will be done to her stay tuned to post. So far tires, rims, Roush CAI and Exhaust, MRT hood struts, grille with 3 badges, raptor lights in grille, oricale lights on grille whith black over lays, Tuffskinz galore, Black out tail light covers, RC tire support, M&R back tail light...
  6. BASH_5137

    Sticker question.

    Can anyone tell me if the letters on the roll bar are the same as the front grille. I'm still waiting for my Bronco this weekend I'm being told. If anyone could let me know before she gets here this weekend I would appreciate it. Thanks BN.
  7. BASH_5137

    My 90 day built!

    Now the real waiting begins!
  8. BASH_5137

    Just from paint?

    New grille just waiting on the rail now! Lights an 2 BN badges white and black And Roush. I'm hoping to get my 3 lights this next week to add to the top of the Grille to have it completed before my ride even comes home. All the lights on grille are from Oricale Lights.
  9. BASH_5137

    Need help with fog lights

    Anyone know the wires I will need to add this switch to my Bronco.
  10. BASH_5137

    Massive new product.

    I just got these Friday there now at body shop with everything else to be painted for the Bronco. It was built on the 18th so I'm hoping not to wait to much longer. It only been 90 days so far. I'm really surprised to have got it built so fast was expecting by Christmas not 1st week in May. Not...
  11. BASH_5137

    Bronco in 120 days or less!

    Now just waiting to for it to show up at dealership next. Can't wait to start the building stage here at home. This seemed way to fast I feel so lucky. Delivery 7 May.
  12. BASH_5137

    2 inch lift question

    What the cab hight on a Outerbanks with 2 inch lift with 285/70/17 KO2s. I think I may need to try to raise a roof before she get home in the next week or two. I know it 73 stock. So is it 75.5 inches or shorter? Rough Country told me it only goes up in the front 2 inch an the back about a inch...
  13. BASH_5137

    Build date was today!!!

    How long does it take to be emailed that it been built? For sure or not window has 20220412.
  14. BASH_5137


    Always call before you go on a road trip. Big waste of time and gas.
  15. BASH_5137

    Window Sticker

    Took since Jan 18th but I finally got it this morning. Wait was over so fast!!!
  16. BASH_5137

    Window stickers

    Has anyone got theirs for 04/11. Not sure what day they come out.
  17. BASH_5137

    Deluxe raised lid

    What is BN using for a floor liner with this lid? Send pictures, please.
  18. BASH_5137

    New patch

    It is an OV-10
  19. BASH_5137


    Got mine in the mail today. Great add to my upcoming build.
  20. BASH_5137

    Posting on BN

    Is anyone having trouble typing a post before it locks up. Is there anything I can do to make it work better? I have tried a few things, but no luck