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  1. Kid witha 89

    Sasquatch with Aftermarket Lift - Why?

    With my small experience with aftermarket lifts, I wouldn't recommend installing any kind of lift from Rough Country. My brothers and I have several older ford trucks and two Jeeps and most driveline failures were parts of or caused by a cheap Rough Country lift. I would go with the factory...
  2. Kid witha 89

    Cruise control

    I know nothing about Bronco IIs as far as technical stuff, but there's a section in this forum just for bronco IIs. There's a lot of guys who can definitely help you out there. Here's a link to that section of the forum:
  3. Kid witha 89

    How many miles were on your brand new Bronco upon delivery?

    When I got my Bronco it had 187,000 miles, so yeah. Having just 200 is fine, great actually!
  4. Kid witha 89

    At what price per gallon do you rethink your purchase?

    My brother drove a 80s F-350 with a 460 that got about 8mpg. I drive a full size Bronco that gets about 15mpg. Getting 17mpg sounds good to me.
  5. Kid witha 89

    GPU Prices

    So we may see some more new Broncos on the road?
  6. Kid witha 89

    Braking Issue-Frightening!

    I have an 89 full size Bronco. It is not a function of drum brakes, at least it's not on the full size Bronco. The rear drum brakes are actually anti-lock brakes, the front disk brakes however, are not anti-lock brakes. If you have drums all around you may need to adjust a cable or something...
  7. Kid witha 89

    Mig welding a frame?

    I took the leaf spring mount off the frame of my 89 fourth gen and there's a couple holes in the frame. I'm curious if I can patch it with just a Mig welder. There's two holes very close together each about 2 inches long and an inch wide. Thanks if you bother replying to this post
  8. Kid witha 89

    Bronco II: What’s the biggest tire without cutting?

    The best thing you could do is buy an actual Bronco. Smallest tires you'll find on one will be 31's and you can fit 32's without a 4" lift. With a leveling kit alone you can reasonably fit 33s without rub. Cut the fenders and you can fit 35s no problems with a leveling kit. Plus the smallest...
  9. Kid witha 89

    Which do you recommend?

    You couldn't pay me enough to drive that death trap branded as a Bronco II. Some fanboys on here will tell you how great it is, but it's a very top heavy vehicle based on the ranger chassis. Since it's based on the ranger it has the smaller drivetrain and if you plan on ever going offroad...
  10. Kid witha 89

    What’s the best Gen 4 year?

    That 302 is a fantastic little v8. My brother has an 88 f250 with a 302 and a 5 speed. The stupid thing has nearly 300,000 miles and still runs. When he was younger he wrecked it into the side of a bridge at 65-70 mph and it only damaged the front bumper, headlight, and fender. That truck is...
  11. Kid witha 89

    How strong is Ford's IFS? (Dana 44)

    I have an 89 Bronco and I'm looking into some bigger tires and lockers. I've been checking out some lunchbox style lockers but I've been told that some differentials can't really handle them. My question is: Can I put a lunchbox locker in a Dana 44 and what size tires can it handle? (Assume...
  12. Kid witha 89

    Advice For a Moab Adventure

    I'll definitely give you a search, although the trip may be post-poned due to some sudden issues. Thanks for the advice
  13. Kid witha 89

    Advice For a Moab Adventure

    Thanks, I'll definitely look into that!
  14. Kid witha 89

    Advice For a Moab Adventure

    I'm asking this to all Bronco owners who have been to Moab or who have experience on similar trails: Any advice for a visit to Moab? I've been looking into taking a road trip with my brother next year (2022) and we thought maybe we'd go to Moab. I'd be taking a 1989 Bronco and he'd have a 2004...
  15. Kid witha 89

    Actual Mileage From Actual Lucky to Have One Owners

    1- 4.9 i6 2- 31" 3- mud up to the top of the tires, dirt roads, and highway 4- 2 door 5- Had it loaded completely full of wood before, but usually unloaded 6- Definitely a lead foot, you have to be because it has no power 7- highway- maybe 16mpg, city- like 15mpg I'm sorry, I have a fourth gen...
  16. Kid witha 89

    What gears do I need to buy?

    I got the custom, auto (c6 tranny) and it has 3.55 gears in it. No power at all, I'm averaging 15mpg in town, maybe 16 on the highway.
  17. Kid witha 89

    First Song

    "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye No mountain high, no valley low, and no river too wide for the Bronco
  18. Kid witha 89

    What gears do I need to buy?

    That's what I was thinking too, based on other peoples comments and some other forums and stuff I've read online
  19. Kid witha 89

    What gears do I need to buy?

    The stock gearing is 3.55 right now, but I was thinking of going down to 4.10. Thanks for the advice
  20. Kid witha 89

    What gears do I need to buy?

    I want to be able to run 33s, right now it just has 31s. I plan on buying a 2 inch leveling kit from Skyjacker, it should almost completely clear 33s. So should I just replace the rear end with stock gearing? (because the rear end is dead). Or should I get new gears for the front and rear and...