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  1. J.bell

    Hey my buns are done!!

    I can’t believe how hot the seat heat is. Is it just me? I can’t put them on anything higher than low. I could make grilled cheese sandwiches on my way to work.
  2. J.bell

    MIC replacements

    I was just thinking . What are dealers doing with the MICs they’re replacing. Can they be given to the orders that changed to soft tops? Can I have one?
  3. J.bell

    Trail turn assist

    I’m not really a gaget guy, but this trail turn assist is f’n great! Does anyone know if it works in reverse?
  4. J.bell

    Just returned from NH off-rodeo

    The rain storm Saturday night created the perfect conditions for a true test of a Bronco. My son and I selected a cyber orange 4dr 2.7 badlands non sas with 33 ATs. My first time driving the bronco and my sons seeing it. The venue was perfect. Incredible mountain vistas, plenty of rocks, and...
  5. J.bell

    Ford credit interest rates?

    What interest rates are you “guys” getting from Ford credit?
  6. J.bell

    I’m trying murphy’s law to help.

    My daily driver and trade in has needed brakes for some time. I figured, I didn’t want to spend the cash on a car I hate. After further thought I knew as soon as I spent the money, I would get Bronco news. So, new brakes! Come on universe!!!!
  7. J.bell

    Called ford customer service

    Just got off phone with customer service. She said build and vins will be sent within 30-45 days. She also said if you ordered the gray mic it should not be much of an issue and shouldn’t change my order.October reservation. January order.
  8. J.bell

    Free sound deadening for your hard top.

    If Ford was giving sound deadening for hard tops as a thank you for being patient, my question is, what the hell were they going to stick it to? Something stinks in Denmark.
  9. J.bell

    Why would you want a manual transmission?

    As someone who drives a truck for s living, I wasn’t sure how I would like my first auto transmission an allison 4500 .The first time I drove my new office, I was pleasantly surprised. No clutch brake, no shifting through 5 gear to get though an intersection. No more broke axles off road. No...