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  1. guzie

    Look what showed up at my dealer today

    My sales guy texts me a pic of a new bronco that just happened to show up at the dealer today. one of their customers is on the bronco team and brought it by. my wife and I rushed over and did a quick lookover of it. I didn’t get to drive it of course but was able to look it over...
  2. guzie

    MPG of current vehicle the Bronco will replace

    I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone’s MPG is for their current vehicles that the Bronco will replace. Please post specifics and your thoughts. I am currently driving a 2019 Subaru WRX STI. it’s full time 4WD and set up with a 6 speed manual. These cars are not efficient in...
  3. guzie

    GOAT mode breakdown

    I am looking for a more in depth breakdown of the GOAT modes and what each actually changes in the vehicle. I reserved a wildtrak but after seeing the interior colors I am really looking at the Badlands version. Doing so I lose SPORT mode in the GOAT and gain the Rock Crawl mode. What does...