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    Wildtrak Missing on Order Page

    I randomly go to the Ford Bronco order page to see if there are any additions or changes and noticed that the Wildtrak is not pictured and if you try to open the the page it just defaults back to the original page. All other models work perfectly. Maybe the Wildtrak is going away?
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    Bronco Off-Rodeo courtesy of Mullinax Ford

    Two weeks ago I was one of 31 people Mullinax Ford Apopka flew from Florida to Austin bused to Horseshoe Bay resort and arranged for us to all participate in the Texas Off-Rodeo at their expense. The group included customers and employees and it really confirmed for me that I made the right...
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    Florida Visit??

    I cam across this in on Instagram this morning and other than this post I haven't heard word about this. Being near Orlando I would love to know what the plan and schedule is.
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    Big Oly Sold for $1.9 Million

    Big Oly was sold at the Mecum auction in in Indy yesterday for $1,870,000.00.