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  1. GToddC5

    Photochop of what 9" wheels vs. 8" wheels on Badlands might look like, with stock back spacing

    Today at least, I'm settled on getting Badlands, 2 Dr. 2.3 w/ 7spd. and high package. I don't want to wait for ManSquatch, but love the look of bigger tires. I think they should have gone with a 9" wide wheel for Squatch, but whatever. I don't want to throw on 35s too early without a lift, and...
  2. GToddC5

    How about the SEMA build quarter panels!?

    I'm more than excited about the ease in changing quarter panels! In fact, seeing the SEMA build pushed me back to 2-door, cargo space be damned! While the 4-door does have removeable rear quarters, I don't see as many cool offerings without being much more intrusive. For instance, changing to...
  3. GToddC5

    Hello from South Jersey!

    Had a 1984 Bronco years ago, kinda wish I'd kept it. So now for years I've anticipated the return of the Bronco, and reserved a 2 door Badland this morning. Should be a nice stable mate for my 1989 Toyota Pickup, 1971 FJ40 and 1998 C5