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  1. MIGeezer

    Un impressed. Pros and Cons

    Very True Grass Hopper!!
  2. MIGeezer

    Bronco Rear Suspension

    Now I have to see if AirLift has a set to fit. Thanks
  3. MIGeezer

    MXT275 Underdash mount

    I guess it beats 3!! The End!!
  4. MIGeezer

    Some Sand Fun in the Bronco

    If ya had my buggy, (showen below), you pick up the front end, turn it around and jump in before it heads back down the hill without ya!! :0)
  5. MIGeezer

    MXT275 Underdash mount

    I can't believe you are still waiting. Got it!! :0)
  6. MIGeezer

    Some Sand Fun in the Bronco

    Haven't been to Silver Lake since the early to mid 70's. Built this from a VW. Stock 52 HP VW engine. It would take a lickin and kept on tickin. Doesn't look like much, but it would climb all but one hill on the dunes. A lot less folks in those days and most of the vehicles were home...
  7. MIGeezer

    Some Sand Fun in the Bronco

    So do the Bronco snobs line up across from the Jeep snobs to look and make faces? What type of radios are folks using, CB or GMRS?
  8. MIGeezer

    Should Ford produce a fixed roof Bronco model

    I would by a one piece roof. Have never had the tops off my JK in 13 years.
  9. MIGeezer

    What do you think about vinyl stickers and designs, send the best ones

    Are these only for the Sport??
  10. MIGeezer

    Bronco Rear Suspension

    Is the back on coil springs?
  11. MIGeezer

    MXT275 Underdash mount

    Do you have any pictures of it mounted in the truck?
  12. MIGeezer

    Bodyguard Baja Bumpers - Front

    I saw a Bronco with the Ford winch mount. It sticks out, not good looking. Glad I didn't spend money on it. I will wait a couple years and let the market fill with more manufacturers, help drive down pricies.
  13. MIGeezer

    Un impressed. Pros and Cons

    You're not buying a Cadillac, It's a Jeep. Loud, bare, designed to take offroad...You need the plate above. Just sayin!!
  14. MIGeezer

    Ladies-Only Bronco Off-Roadeo Experience in Texas on July 21!

    Are those that ID as women welcome?
  15. MIGeezer

    Two weeks, two problems (so far)

    How does it know? Does this thing have AI??
  16. MIGeezer

    Ford said…

    Is this a new version of Simon Says?? Ford says, put an order in for a Bronco. Ford says it will be here soon. Ford says strat a web site for folks to buy more swag. Ford says 15 different things, 15 different days. If you build it they will come!!
  17. MIGeezer

    What Camp Are You In?

    You forgot a camp. The one that says don't care about the other 30 camps.
  18. MIGeezer

    GMRS antenna mount inside vehicle

    So does the inny ant. work as well as an outty ant.?
  19. MIGeezer

    Increase 2022 Allocations

    Is this also known as FAT CHANCE??