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  1. DFW Rusty

    Wife got xmas goodies for the bronco, now I have some work to do.

    My wife surprised herself with some goodies for her bronco for xmas.... The only thing that came in so far was her step rails, which I installed xmas day for her. RC 2" lift kit, Oracle lighted Bronco letters for the grille. Romik side steps- Installed The vintage pin striping Ford brand...
  2. DFW Rusty

    Good dealerships, listed!

    After reading through threads of bad dealers and good dealers over the last 3 months, maybe it would be helpful to list the good dealerships that did not include any BS ADM (adjusted dealer markup). Post it as a reply and I will try to catch it and put it in the title post. Post the name of...
  3. DFW Rusty

    Beavers Bend, Broken Bow, OK

    There is some great beginners trails around Beaver's Bend State park in Broken Bow, OK. We spent 2 days riding trails over in the CR53000 area and had a really relaxing and fun time. Nothing hard, but would be great for some first timers! Great scenery and lots to do at the state park...
  4. DFW Rusty

    Members hobbies?

    These are always fun.... What is some of your hobbies? I'm a hobby hopper, I have several hobbies that I bounce from. Right now I am getting back into bicycles... primarily E-bikes. I build my own e-bikes. I also have a Fuji Nevada 2.0 MTB that I hit trails with, it's 10 years old this year...
  5. DFW Rusty

    Awesome video demonstrating the turn assist!

    I apologize if this post is an R Not my video- Awesome vid showing a bronco on Black Bear Pass using the trail turn assist. BLACK BEAR PASS COLORADO FORD BRONCO TRAIL TURN ASSIT - YouTube
  6. DFW Rusty

    Offroading in a NON sasquatch no lockers question.

    The Bronco that we ordered does not have lockers or the limited slip. This is going to be my wife's DD for the next 3-4 years. Then it becomes our toy. However in that mean time, there maybe the occasion where we take it some where that requires 4wd at which time I am curious. Is the Bronco like...