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  1. jamtra

    ORV sticker

    Where is everyone putting there ORV stickers?
  2. jamtra

    Hot pepper red

    Has anyone ordered and gotten a Bronco in hot pepper red? I would love to see a pic.
  3. jamtra

    Beadlock rings

    Looks like Ford is selling beadlock rings now for the Bronco.
  4. jamtra

    Production schedule

    I think it was Ford authority has the production schedules for Ford but I can't find it on their page. Does anyone have the link?
  5. jamtra

    VIN number

    Does anyone know roughly when you get your vin assigned? Is it close to your build date?
  6. jamtra

    Michigan Bronco owners

    Go Blue!! Couldn't resist....
  7. jamtra

    Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler

    Just read this article. I can't wait to get mine! I had rented a Jeep last year and I did car for the steering either. Constantly floating all over the road.
  8. jamtra

    Lowering tire pressure for sand

    Does anyone know if you can lower tire pressure on a sas wildtrak with 35" LT315/70R17 Mud-Terrain Tires tires for sand? There is a requirement that the tires need to be at 15psi in order to use the sand dunes by me.
  9. jamtra

    Anyone have a date on WildTrak model with hard top?

    Just wondering if anyone has gotten a build date on a WildTrak with hard top? 4 door?