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  1. NickP

    $600 worth of pure performance that every Bronco needs! (With data and experience to prove it!)

    Howdy my friends! Sorry for falling off the face of the earth for the past little bit... been dealing with the complete collapse of the mortgage market which *was* my new career, but not my problem anymore lol! Look forward to seeing some of y'all this week at the Grand Canyon since now I don't...
  2. NickP

    Anyone else take their doors off a little too early?

    As an AZ native I’m not built for this :ROFLMAO:
  3. NickP

    “Can a brand new Ford Bronco rock crawl?”- New Lite Brite video

    These guys really put this thing through it’s paces here. Makes me want to do some harder trails lol!
  4. NickP

    Welcome to the Build Showcase!

    Hello Bronco Nation! As we grow, we want to bring more discussion and more of what y’all want! So this subforum is one of the most hotly requested, a build showcase! Post your rigs, discuss, and have fun! I’ll be posting mine!
  5. NickP

    Rejoice Ye Fellow Basesquatch owners; Metalcloak Skids teaser!

    Easiest $1600 I will ever spend that’s for sure! Looks AMAZING. Anyone else in for a set?
  6. NickP

    Jumping the Bronco!

    Who’s jumped theirs? Next stop for me: KOH :ROFLMAO:
  7. NickP

    First time off-roading the basesquatch Bronco!

    So my Bronco arrived a couple weeks back, I’ve just been insanely busy with my new job I haven’t even had a chance to really take it off road… until today. Had an absolute blast going out to Sycamore creek a few miles outside of Phoenix. Didn’t do any real rock crawling because of the lack of...
  8. NickP

    2022 Bronco –– ORDER GUIDE!

    Well it’s here my friends! The information everybody has been waiting for! For pretty much everyone without a VIN, the info you need is in the news article and hopefully will help dull the wait just a little...
  9. NickP

    Bronco and Rivian R1T comparison!

    Pretty cool comparison. I still prefer Bronco but the Rivian definitely seems to be a pretty sweet demonstration of “futuristic” design language! Also a bit less ostentatious than the Tesla offering…
  10. NickP

    Today at Bronco Nation: Friday September 17th

    Man have these past few weeks been a blur! Hardtop 2.0’s rolling out, more vins, and tons of people getting their first taste of Bronco at off-roadeo, has been making Bronco more real than ever. When I think about the fact that we are now closer to Christmas than we are to the beginning of June…...
  11. NickP

    John Bronco rides again!

    I got a heads up that this was just sent to dealers! The famous Bronco pitchman is at it again! Check out this exclusive pre-screening of Imagine Documentaries John Bronco Rides Again available until 12:01am EST on Monday September 13, when it officially debuts on Hulu. Link...
  12. NickP

    Fixed hardtops start shipping out THIS WEEK!

    Ford confirms it will ship new Bronco hardtops, Broncos this week Phoebe Wall Howard Detroit Free Press Ford Motor Co. will start shipping this week thousands of new hardtop roofs to dealers waiting to replace the faulty ones on 2021 Broncos already delivered, the Free Press has learned. Also...
  13. NickP

    Today at Bronco Nation: September 3rd, 2021 (Happy Labor Day!)

    Wake me up when September ends guys. Today, I just want to talk about waiting and hopefully give you guys something to think about over the weekend. I’ve been waiting a long time for Bronco, I decided to search my messages and find my first text message about it (it happened to be to my best...
  14. NickP

    First solid axle swapped Bronco!

    The madman @delfab__ on instagram has SAS’d his 2021 Base Bronco. And it’s on 40’s! Pretty wild, it’s light on details but he says more to come.
  15. NickP

    New colors revealed (Eruption Green and Hot Pepper Red)

    Eruption green and Hot Pepper red are the two new color options! I really like the green personally, need to see the Hot Pepper Red on a Bronco to decide on that though. It seems like a very "shifty" color like Cyber Orange. Also, Cyber Orange being available on Base/ Big Bend is AWESOME. It...
  16. NickP

    Today at Bronco Nation 8/20/21

    What a time to be a Broncoless Bronco fan right! It's been a rocky road to be sure, but honestly what hasn't been a bit of a bumpy road over this past 18 months? It's all part of the journey, and no matter the delays, every day we're one day closer to that new Bronco in our driveway. Now...
  17. NickP

    Lite Brite and Loren Healy Rubicon Trail teasers!

    Kevin from Lite Brite said they are posting the video this upcoming Sunday! Seems like we should be getting a ton of content based on the short clip which is awesome. Since this is Loren’s build it sounds like it’s basically a test bed for aftermarket stuff from RTR. Fox external reservoir...
  18. NickP

    Has anyone placed an order recently in the past few weeks?

    Hey guys. So I’m starting to get a little concerned about my order. Due to some life events I delayed putting in my Bronco order until last week, and on the Ford website it still just says that it is “reserved” not ordered. I have also yet to get any sort of confirmation email. I reached out to...
  19. NickP

    Motor Trend and Car and Driver reviews!

    I made this thread purely so I could post Car and Driver’s review video as a gif. And Motor Trend’s review “If You’re Looking for Fun, You’ve Found It” Seems like some pretty high praise to me! Definitely some negatives as have been noticed by others, but overall seems like the “pros” are...
  20. NickP

    Don’t be worried about the current 0-60 tests and drag races

    Howdy friends! I’ve noticed some people being down in the dumps about all of these Broncos getting totally wrecked in 0-60 times and unofficial drag races. I’m not going to say that these outlets are doing this on purpose, but there have yet to be any sort of apples to apples comparisons… until...