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  1. LagoCJ

    Anyone know of a light bar that bridges between the mirror mounts?

    I have the Rigid light mounts on each mirror, but thinking about a light bar that goes from side to side. Might be impossible, with hood access, but if there is something out there, I would like to find it...
  2. LagoCJ

    Time for color matched Rings

    Found a local powder shop to do Lightning Blue coating on my Rings. Here they go!! (SKWACH doesnt even look that bad without em).
  3. LagoCJ

    Delivery Stats?

    Is there any data available on number of units delivered, 4dr/2 dr mix, Auto/Man, trim/color? Would be interesting to know how many Broncos, of different configs are out there!
  4. LagoCJ

    Front end update...

    After putting on the Baja Designs fog modules, the Rigid dual light mounts, Ford Perf/Rigid lights and a set of PIAA wide floods I had from my old Wrang, the only thing left was a nice set of matching tow rings (in blue, of course)
  5. LagoCJ

    Gibson or Ford Perf Exhaust?

    I am trying to find anyone with the Ford Performance axle back, or the Gibson cat back. The Gibson is on sale for half price right now, but that worries me a bit. The Ford Perf is the 'official' version, but can't find a sound file or anyone who has one. I have done the MagnaFlow with excellent...
  6. LagoCJ

    MIC Replacement Experience

    If this is covered elsewhere, please point me that way.... After getting the notification email/snail mail back in Oct about MIC replacement, and waiting for parts, the dealership finally called and said that my top has been sitting there and they were planning to send it back if I didn't want...
  7. LagoCJ

    Cool find...Fordite key rings from paint slag at MAP (Current Bronco/Ranger paint) Just ordered one with Rapid Red for the...
  8. LagoCJ

    Squatch (35) spare tire covers

    Hey BN.... How about we work on a Bronco Nation spare tire cover for all the 35+ tires on our Broncos? A nice heavy twill spare tire cover, with the BN logo would be great to add and bring the community together. However, at this point, I would take a plain black one as long as it fits my 35...
  9. LagoCJ

    One month, almost 4000 miles, one big long road trip, and the first set of mods....

    Hey folks... Start this by saying that I know that I am super lucky to have my Bronco and be putting miles on it. Some folks 'don't want to hear it', but I know when I was waiting, I wanted to hear all the experiences, good and bad, to help let me know what to expect and make the waiting a...
  10. LagoCJ

    Hard top 'noises'....might not be a flaw

    I have seen some threads on the 'other' site, along with a video from the TFL folks complaining about the 'terrible' and 'unbearable' noises coming from the MIC top. Trust me, as an owner who has an FE, I am not saying the top is perfect. But, I think we need to be careful about blowing some...
  11. LagoCJ

    Hitch Install

    I was able to secure a hitch and wiring kit. It helped immensely to be able to find some information that helped me with the hardware part ( I have a couple of additions to the...
  12. LagoCJ

    Redline Tuning Hood Struts

    Installed these today. Super easy and work GREAT. One caveat...make sure to connect the bottom of the strut before compressing and connecting the top of the strut. The reverse is MUCH harder to compress the strut and connect.
  13. LagoCJ

    Service Manual

    Hey folks... I am trying to get my hands on the Bronco service manual. There is a site that shows a CD based service manual for about $200, but I want to know if that is the 'every bolt' manual that I need for working on the Bronco. Lot of cash if its not the real deal. Any of you insiders...
  14. LagoCJ

    Hitch Wiring

    Any of the folks that have been digging around in the rear bumper/tail lights of the Bronco, please advise of the rear light wiring harness connector size/shape. Trying to figure out if it is the WPT889/890 (20 pin, rectangular) connector. Or, could it be the Ranger rear connector (16 pin...
  15. LagoCJ

    Bronco at Covert in Austin

    Wild Trak demo. Go in and talk to Josh
  16. LagoCJ


    Are we going to start a community SwapNShop? As people start getting their Broncos and the AM gets fired up with lots more toys, I am sure we are going to start the fun and games. For example, once RSE gets step sliders, I will probably pull the standard rock rails for steps. Would be happy if...
  17. LagoCJ

    New thread proposal....'Ask the folks that have them...'

    I would be happy, after I get mine, to answer questions from others about features and experiences. Might be good to have a new thread in the Bronco area for these questions. Here is an example: For anybody that has a Bronco with Lux package, is there some kind of screw hole(s) or other...
  18. LagoCJ

    'Bad Roof' and Delivery Estimates Vs Reality seems like there is a new quality control issue and a rumor of Broncos sitting in containment with 'Bad Roof' written on them...assumably waiting for a new roof before shipping. Mine was 'built' on 6/27 and was supposed to have shipped out on 6/28. That would have put it in TX last...
  19. LagoCJ

    Losing my mind a little....

    Help!!!! I keep buying toys....I should stop....really....but I dont want to.... Anyone else losing it a little and going overboard? What have you bought so far? My list: Ford Perf black license plate frames Tailgate Molle kit/bags/straps Rigid mirror mount lights Dometic 55L Fridge Trailer...
  20. LagoCJ

    Fog Lights/Switch

    Any lucky folks with their FE out there? Need to know if the fog light switch is there on the FE. Even though the FE doesn't have the fogs from factory, I am hoping the switch is still there for use with AM lights.