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  1. Mandogus

    Fishing rod rack

    Just wondering the estimated cost for something like this?
  2. Mandogus

    Hot pepper red Bronco

    In bright daylight it leans orange but the rest of the time it looks red.
  3. Mandogus

    Hard Top vs Soft Top thoughts from owners

    I have the soft top I love how easy it is to push back, no leaks. As for the wind noise my 2019 Rav4 was just as noisy driving down the highway. my biggest complaint is how the back opens up it hinders my overlanding plans. So I will be putting in a new order with a hardtop when the books open...
  4. Mandogus

    Should Ford produce a fixed roof Bronco model

    this is me right now. of course driving at 70-80 mph on the highway I am wondering if that could damage the soft top.
  5. Mandogus

    US Northeast 8th annual May It Forward presented by BONES (Bronco Owners North East States)

    My dad and I had a great time. Brought our new ones, but love seeing all the classics.
  6. Mandogus

    Is there some sort of “Bronco Wave” similar to Jeep?

    While driving I wave with both hands and kinda bounce in my seat.
  7. Mandogus

    Bronco collector coin

    I have the badlands coin I like it. I do think the blue should be a tad lighter. I carry it in the truck as a good luck charm along with my offroadeo arm ribbon.
  8. Mandogus

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Added bling to the front of my dad's and my truck.
  9. Mandogus

    Who kept their window sticker?

    I kept mine as well.
  10. Mandogus

    12v Fridge and or Freezers

    I bought a rough country one and like it so far. I've only used it about 16hrs. I have a 2 1/2 week road trip coming up that'll be the real test.
  11. Mandogus

    still waiting......

    I ended up doing that 18k trade in and 22k deposit I'm only financing 20k out of my 60k truck.
  12. Mandogus

    still waiting......

    It's worth the wait. Just hold on peeps.
  13. Mandogus

    Color Changes for 2023?

    I want them to add more colors to the everglades bronco. I want something a little brighter.
  14. Mandogus

    US Northeast 8th annual May It Forward presented by BONES (Bronco Owners North East States)

    What time on Saturday does it start? Never mind found the answer reading more 9am
  15. Mandogus

    Dealership Sold my Order

    I wonder if some how we can get ford to pull their rights to sell fords. A dealership shouldn't be able to pull that shit and get away with it.
  16. Mandogus

    Aftermarket hardtop

    It'll be better to trade your soft top bronco in for a hard top bronco. I plan on putting a new order in when the banks open back up.
  17. Mandogus

    Capable or Modular Bumper, that is the Question!

    I have the modular front bumper and my dad has the capable. Having the factory button for the capable is nice but it has no way of bolting on any add-ons, It's also thinner metal. I prefer the modular it might not have fog lights but it seems easy to add later. I think as long as you don't have...
  18. Mandogus

    Rough country storage drawer

    Ended up at home depot for nuts and longer bolts. Let's see if this will work.
  19. Mandogus

    Rough country storage drawer

    Trying to install the rough country slide out drawer. The legs don't seem to work right with the spacers given. About a 1/4 inch gap.Just wondering if anyone might have ideas on the best way to remedy this.
  20. Mandogus

    Onboard Door storage question

    I haven't tried to put the doors in the back with the soft top, but I can say it will be tight fit since the top doesn't seem to open wide enough. It's my biggest complaint with the soft top. Safest bet is to completely remove the soft top to put the doors in back.