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    Roof Rails & Racks

    After you apply the filter for the Bronco you are left with cross bars, baskets, and things that attach to the roof rack. The basic roof rack parts are not there.
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    Roof Rails & Racks

    you may not like the price but with the lighting kits pretty amazing
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    Ford Link of your Bronco on the line!

    Got the image a day after it showed up built/shipped. I was a November MIC replacement and I think notice was on 11/4. Strange that the WT is missing the black on the hood
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    Protective films/ coatings

    I've had Xpel on two cars and very happy with it. I've not done the full sides but the hood, part of front quarter panel is about 1,200 for an Audi SQ5
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    What is the "DIRT MOUNTAIN" I keep hearing about?

    It's a magical farm when MIC top Broncos are grown. There is a report of recent harvest with one of those being rail shipped to my local dealer. I will try to confirm the story by end of the month!
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    Wildtrak Finally Arrived pic added

    I like the retro graphics. Sound bar is Bluetooth and kills rear speakers (I think) which is a pass for me. Waiting on under seat sound options
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    MRT Performance 2021+ Bronco No Drill Hood Struts

    Looks like an easy install. QQ, when lowering the hood the video doesn't reflect it dampening the hood at closure. Does it reduce the force at closure? thanks!
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    Wildtrak Finally Arrived pic added

    Love it! Have the same coming to me in white. What accessories did you choose? I'm have a few things in mind include the plastic hood wind deflector
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    How many still waiting on their Wildtrak??

    8/6 build date, first day reservation. Was in production parked on dirt mountain until yesterday when it moved to "built". So excited for arrival!
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    Dealer Delivers Bad News on Hardtops

    there is hope. I just got "built" status after being parked on dirt mountain waiting 2 months for a replacement hardtop. Let's hope that's a sign that the new hardtops are making it through QC. I was a November MIC 1.0 replacement so they are well on schedule. If you want a hardtop i'd stay the...
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    How many still waiting on their Wildtrak??

    day 1 reservation and still parked on dirt mountain. The backlog of MIC tops is still an issue
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    fishing rod holder

    I'm a fly rod guy and would go with this if my Wildtrak came with a roof rack (i'll ghetto one as some stage): No bugs on your rod and a little less inviting for theft
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    Day 1 reservation with a WT sitting on Dirt Mountain. MIC swap is supposed to happen in November. I treat all Bronco delivery dates with the same reverence held for Bigfoot, Unicorns and the Mariners making the playoffs.
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    Roof rack

    I'm not confident those gutter or track systems are going to work with the hardtop. I'd only go with the OEM mounting systems that secures from the front windshield and rear side, see pic. The HT is not a traditional gutter for sure. The Yak track system is made for a 90 deg vertical and the...
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    Roof rack

    Assuming the OP is looking for the OEM rack parts to take the bare roof to having a rack, not accessories to mount on the rack. I'll be needing the same on 4DR WT
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    Stalled "in Production"?

    We are the sandlot kids! My white 4 door is in there somewhere. FIFO so maybe by Christmas. I expect this top re-work will take some time
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    Stalled "in Production"?

    Got the email today that i'm built but waiting for a MIC top that passes QA. Parked on the sandlot so one step closer! ;)
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    Stalled "in Production"?

    How many stalled "in production"? Yes, it's a good status but sitting there for 10 days now. Combo of missing parts and stalls in production line give me confidence i'll be sitting at this status for awhile. Show of hands for stalled builds? No sympathies requested
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    4,000 Miles on the odometer. What do you want to know?

    I hope to be taking delivery in the next month and would like to go on a 2,000 mi road trip before summer disappears in Colorado. Did they advise you on any break in period or protocol you needed to follow? thank you!
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    ATN - Bronco orders vs Ebay

    I just see one sale that didn't meet the minimum. Bid got to $67k on a mid level badlands with a soft top. If it got $70-80k that would be interesting. A lower spec'd Bronco sold but I can't get the price since it was an accepted "offer". Must have been below the buy it now of $51k. So, these...