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  1. TrojanHorse

    My Bronco Blows Transmission While Snow Wheeling

    Mitch, have you thought about getting AAA premier? $119.00 a year, 200 miles of towing and one day rental car. It’s cheaper than a set of new tires!
  2. TrojanHorse

    Brightening your Monday.

    Is that a body or suspension lift?
  3. TrojanHorse

    What’s been your quarantine project??? New wiring harness for my Bronk!

    You put us all to shame. Finished and amazing looking EB especially since your last July post where it was in pieces.
  4. TrojanHorse

    NorCal Broncos

    It’s been a few years but definitely a great spot.
  5. TrojanHorse

    Don’t forget to change your belts!

    It either needed fuel or a jump start!
  6. TrojanHorse

    NorCal Broncos

    I think I recall Cow Mountain trail in Lakeport?
  7. TrojanHorse

    Vapor Lock

    Thats not crazy since vapor lock or cavitation occurs when excessive heat or exhaust boils the fuel in the lines and when it cools it draws again. Sounds like it takes 20 - 30 minutes for it to cool enough to fill the filter cup.
  8. TrojanHorse

    Hard top quest is over.

    Your a maniac but looking at the hard top and how nice it is it wa s probably worth the effort.
  9. TrojanHorse

    Been a little distant lately

    The fact that someone in your family was there for her until the end is a blessing and a testament to your core values! We pray for her and your family.
  10. TrojanHorse

    Original 1971 Bronco

    A Ford towing 2 Fords, I'm so jealous!
  11. TrojanHorse

    Original 1971 Bronco

  12. TrojanHorse

    Brightening your Monday.

    Awesome, I never get to park in a red zone.
  13. TrojanHorse

    Slick Rock (California) Run in September 17th – 19th

    If anyone wants to know what the Slick Rock Trail offers go to You Tube - Wild Horses Slick Rock Trail 2019 Pitbulls Maiden voyage or copy and paste the link below in your browser.
  14. TrojanHorse

    Got Rubicon?

    When it’s not snowing! June until September is ideal and when there are scheduled events makes for a great trip.
  15. TrojanHorse

    Slick Rock (California) Run in September 17th – 19th

    Randal can have his own say but I was not slating this as a Bronco only run especially since the Sierra Jeepers maintain most of the trails in Stanislaus County and have run across them doing repairs. The real issue is a full size rig with limited might get a little rock rash but hey I have...
  16. TrojanHorse


    Where is my magnetic phone case and flashlight going to stick too?
  17. TrojanHorse

    Got Rubicon?

    Check out the Slick Rock post for scheduled trip September 17-19, 2020. I know it’s not The Rubi but Slick Rock is challenging and always a great run.
  18. TrojanHorse

    Slick Rock (California) Run in September 17th – 19th

    You will enjoy any of the trails mentioned but my favorite is Utica/Lake Alpine because of the rocks but looking at your rig you should have no issues. I will keep track of your posted dates and hopefully be joining your group. Bring some rain-snow gear for changing climate and prepare for the...
  19. TrojanHorse

    302 Engine Reference

    Still curious to know what type of tuneup Scooter needs to get it up and running or if he was referring to performance mods?
  20. TrojanHorse

    NorCal Broncos

    There’s a NorCal Bronco club and they are scheduled to meet at San Ramon Valley High School in Danville Ca. for the Danville Classic Car Cruise Sunday August 2nd at 2:00pm. If anyone is interested please join but i know it may be too far for some to drive so I plan on talking to the NorCal...