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  1. frinesi2

    Can't figure out what this is.

    Knock sensor. Thought it might be a temp sensor at first but the part number is written right on the side. Ford part numbers often end with a revision mark, e.g. -a or -aa, especially parts for older vehicles. F37F-12A699-AA It'll screw in to the side of the block somewhere, I guess. Never...
  2. frinesi2

    What 2021 Broncos Would You Like to See at the Moab 4x4 Expo?

    The Warthog, obvs
  3. frinesi2

    Gpw green

    I'm 100% on board with this theory. This blog post from Filson that went up in June seems to lend credence as well. It randomly references Forest Service Green partway down.
  4. frinesi2

    Hello from Maryland!!!

    Hi! I'm in Catonsville.
  5. frinesi2

    When do you think Ford will launch the build and price tool?

    *walks in* *looks around* *changes vote* *backs out slowly*
  6. frinesi2


    Why hello there. You've found me :LOL:
  7. frinesi2

    Interactive Garage

    Here's my AM Blue build:
  8. frinesi2

    How to camp?

    I'll let you know in a couple years how to camp out of a 2 door, once we've figured it out :ROFLMAO: Maybe we'll practice with the Pajero or the Golf a couple of times first. 2 door Bronco will be roomy by comparison.
  9. frinesi2

    How many would like the badging on the individual models as metal or molded plastic.....or something else besides a decal?

    What is "space grade aluminum" and how does it differ from "metal"?
  10. frinesi2

    How much off road usage will you do on your new Bronco?

    As much as possible. Probably only a couple times a year at first, but I'm hoping we can do more trips of longer duration as my son gets older.
  11. frinesi2

    Bronco or Tesla Cyber Truck

    Let me rephrase your question in a way that I believe will reveal my answer: Charmin, or a cactus?
  12. frinesi2


    Just FYI there are clubs/groups forming over at Bronco 6G (I started Chesapeake Bronco Club which is a little smaller than the region in your map). I assume there will be similar groups here at Bronco Nation.
  13. frinesi2

    POLL: How old are future Bronco owners?

    Millenial here (31). I have a few xennial friends or, as I like to call them, "druncles".
  14. frinesi2

    TransAmerican Trail

    I've actually been considering taking delivery in Kansas City and then taking portions of the trail on the way back to Baltimore.
  15. frinesi2

    Perfomance Upgrades?

    Rocket axle.
  16. frinesi2

    POLL: Is this your first Ford?

    First car was a '99 Cougar, then later I had a 2012 Focus, so this will be my 3rd Ferd.
  17. frinesi2

    New pics of the Bronco colored jerry cans

    I kind of want to paint my basement Cactus Grey ...
  18. frinesi2

    Get your 2021 Bronco Today - Sort of... in 1:8 Scale!

    Looking forward to seeing this build!
  19. frinesi2

    Bronco Sport Moab Testing

    This footage has helped convince a buddy of mine to consider trading in his Crosstrek for a Sport.