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  1. samanator

    The price of the sway bar disconnect

    While I have to work until midnight today I have lull times waiting for emails to come in. I've been trying to figure out the cost (value) of the sway bar disconnect in the pricing. I took all Four Door OBX, BL and WT, made them all white as the color, all are LUX package, all have MIC top...
  2. samanator

    Bronco at car shows

    I don't know if this will go down, but on December 18th the Orlando Auto show is still on the schedule. I'm wondering how I find out if Ford will have the Bronco there. I have not seen one of these in person and would like to before I order. WIlling to take the 4 hours each way drive if it is...
  3. samanator

    Start/Stop disable

    I think I saw some where both Bronco engines have the start/stop function when sitting at a light? Can anyone confirm if this is true on not? If it is I believe I’m going to engineer something to set this to off as a default if Ford does not allow this. My current car has this and I have to...
  4. samanator

    Welcome from Pompano Beach FL

    New member just joined today. Looking for all I can find out about the 2021 Bronco. Have two reservations. A Badlands and a Wildtrack. Going to get a four door most likely but also reserved a two door.