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  1. Hossamus prime

    Fordpass Performance App

    @Ford Motor Company Can we get an update? Would really like to be able to have this and use this for my upcoming trail rides.
  2. Hossamus prime

    Exterior protection
  3. Hossamus prime

    Exterior protection

    Got mine wrapped in Lumar Valor last week. $3750 after tax. Has 12 year warranty, hydrophobic and self healing.
  4. Hossamus prime

    Wheels, Wheels, Wheels!

    Tire Rack. They said they had them in stop, 2 day shipping. Only to find out after i ordered they didnt. 3 weeks later finally got them
  5. Hossamus prime

    Wheels, Wheels, Wheels!

    Here is mine, Fuel "Block" Wheels in Matte Bronze, 17x9 +01mm offset.
  6. Hossamus prime

    2022 Moab Off-Rodeo Calendar?

    Booked for February 26th, trying to book a guided ride on the 25th there too.
  7. Hossamus prime

    Archetype Racing Releases Modular BYOD Rack for Bronco

    I pre-ordered one 10/1. Hoping i get it soon. ill post pics when I get it installed
  8. Hossamus prime

    2022 Moab Off-Rodeo Calendar?

    Its open now
  9. Hossamus prime

    Bronco Review after 10 hours in Moab

    Booked for the end of February. Do you know if any of these guys also work for private companies that do guided tours? Looking to do some wheeling outside of the Off Roadeo in my Bronco. Checking out guided off road tours and would like to book with who ever the Bronco off roadeo people work with.
  10. Hossamus prime

    Above or Below MSRP???

    getting my 4dr Sas Badlands at invoice.
  11. Hossamus prime

    Wheel Size and Offset??

    I'm curious what Offsets would be "acceptable" to replace the SAS wheels for 35" tires. They are +30, but wondered if i can get bye with less since +30 isnt popular, +18 is.
  12. Hossamus prime

    Thursday 8/5 Email Drinking Game!!

    My bad, didnt see they stuff hid at that bottom
  13. Hossamus prime

    Thursday 8/5 Email Drinking Game!!

    Thought they canceled the scheduling for this week?
  14. Hossamus prime

    Ford's Friday Email: Free Hard Top Prep Kit, Price Protection Extended --- Plus Some Lows

    My question is, if i have a hard top order, not scheduled, when will it scheduled, before sept? maybe, 2023? Or if i switch to soft top, do i risk getting scheduled before September and not get a kit?
  15. Hossamus prime

    Bronco Nation Second Year Membership

    Very good question!
  16. Hossamus prime

    Let’s talk tires.

    I will probably keep the SAS tires, but I want to swap out the wheels for some Black Rhino wheels, something like the Abrams, Armory or Arsenal.
  17. Hossamus prime

    Build and Price Questions

    I wondering the same, only seeing the 10 way power available on the Navy Pier on the OuterBanks
  18. Hossamus prime


    Ford really needs to show us how the soft top works, since they made it standard on all 4DR. I want to see video on how it works, what you have to take off to fold it all the way down, all of that. But without ever even having seen the real thing, let alone seen it in action Really strange...
  19. Hossamus prime


    Find tallest/widest guy you can and put them in the drivers seat. Will you be able to put a hitch on the front with the modular bumper? To allow fo hitch mounted winches and carriers?
  20. Hossamus prime

    Welcome to the Build and Price Forum!

    Category Your Build (and why) 2 or 4 Door? 4 Door Trim Badlands, maybe Wildtrak depending on how pricing comes out on them Color Area 51, or Velocity blue, or Carbonized gray, hell I don't know Engine 2.7L Transmission Auto, want Trail Turn Assist and other stuff. Base/Mid/High/Lux...