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  1. Dylan1384

    If I call Ford can they tell me if my car was ordered or not?

    My dealer has no idea what they are doing and always has to order once a manager gets there and always tells me they will call me and tell me they ordered it? They never called and won’t answer. This was the first time. I go in today to convert my order and non of them even know what is going on.
  2. Dylan1384

    Base squach or Black diamond mid package????

    I’m stuck between these two.
  3. Dylan1384

    Who else is ordering tomorrow?

    Who else is converting their order tomorrow bright and early. My Ford dealer has gave me no communication about reordering or anything of that sort. My dealer has been horrible. Going in tomorrow to reorder and sort things out.
  4. Dylan1384

    Can you go soft top on a 2 door?

    I want to change my hard to a soft top black diamond. Should I?
  5. Dylan1384

    Anyone not get an order email after ordering from Ford?

    Anyone not get an email after ordering or is it just me?
  6. Dylan1384

    Is mine a 2021 a 2022?

    If I still haven’t received vin or build date. Is my Bronco going to be a 2022 model?