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  • I spoke with my original dealer from my 7/14/2020 reservation. They said they will honor MSRP and I'm on track to convert my reservation into an order on or after the 28th!! Gonna go with Velocity Blue because that's the only color other than white that looks good with the MIC "in my opinion". Very excited to finally pull the trigger on a Bronco!! :cool:
    I'm so bummed. It's been about 2 years now since the release and I still don't have a Bronco. When all the order details came out and I couldn't spec it the way I wanted it, I gave up. (2.7 w/man). Then the sticker shock, then the chip shortage, now 2.7 engine failures. I don't know when I'll ever have one at this point!!
    I've owned (4) Rangers, (2) explorers, (2) F-250's, (3) F-150's. Never owned a Bronco. Have always admired them but never found the right one. This new Bronco is going to be my first Bronco!! I've never been more excited about a new vehicle than I am now. Let's see this thing FORD!!!!
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