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    Bronco Store ... not what I thought!

    "No Bronco's to be had". Sounds like the same situation nearly all of us are in. :)
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    2022 Bronco top

    The CEO of my humble Empire, and I had a conversation about our MIC top order. We decided that our Ranger could handle the needs that called for a hard top on our Bronco until we could order a MIC through the dealer. So, we decided to drop the MIC. I hope, but don't think it will help much as I...
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    2022 Bronco top

    I would say if you want your Bronco sooner it's best to keep the soft top. I just dropped the MIC from my build in hopes I could get a build date before I'm too old to drive. If I hadn't I was looking at a possible '24 build date.
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    Anyone got a Jeep Bro?

    I bought my JLUS to bridge the gap until I get my Bronco. But, as it looks now the Jeep will be completely worn out by the time I get just a sniff of a build date. "Let's go Ford" It's a good thing we do enjoy the Jeep. And strangely I'll probably miss the thing when it's gone. :)
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    2022 Bronco top

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    Allocations, reservations, and commodities?

    Allocation numbers are set by Ford . Every quarter dealers will get the number of Broncos they are allocated, and won't get anymore until the next quarter. It is a moving target as allocations are divied into percentages of a dealers prior year sales numbers of whatever model Ford decides on...
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    My dealer showed their true colors today. (Depressing story ahead)

    Check with Carvana, CarMax, and Vroom for pricing on your current vehicle. They may pay enough that you can take the hit on the Bronco sales tax, and still come out ahead. There are many horror stories similar to yours that are happening, and it's very sad dealers are this way. BTW, make sure...
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    “BIG Bronco is Ford’s BIGGEST FAIL since the Edsel” - by Hoovie’s Garage

    Just another know it all that really doesn't know anything. He probably doesn't even know 5 Bronco customers in the first place. Has Ford made some mis-steps, sure they have. But, the entire fiasco does not lay at Ford's feet. Dealing with a bad decision on the MIC tops, and a load of supplier...
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    MIC Holdouts

    I wants what I wants, and that be the MIC top. Oh, there was a short time of indecision around June, but I took a pill and got over it. So, I'm in for the long run.
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    What keeps you encouraged to wait?

    I bought my Wrangler in 2019 to bridge the gap until my Bronco arrives. Little did I know that gap was going to be so wide. But, the Jeep keeps me sane during the interim.
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    Bronco Hammock

    A hammock, really. I don't have two trees close enough for a hammock. Oh well, I'll just "stay pumped". :)
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    0 Miles Till Empty

    Wow, who knew.......:)
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    Think I'm checking out for a while now

    Family time is much more important than a Bronco. Enjoy that time.
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    Check your FedEx accounts... Incoming swag...

    Well, if it's free it's for me. :) My account shows 1 at 1 lb, and 1 at 22 lbs. I'm on pins, and needles here.
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    4,000 Miles on the odometer. What do you want to know?

    That is some good news as we will be using our Bronco the same as we use our Jeep, and that is for long road trips of 5+ miles. I was hoping the Bronco OBX with the 2.7L would at least break the 20 mpg mark while cruising. I be happy now. :)