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    Any Interest in Southern California Bronco Events?

    I'm also interested in more events in SoCal area
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    Badlands upgraded wheels...

    Do all of your Broncos not have the Sasquatch package?
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    Badlands Order Thread

    4 Door Velocity Blue Mid Package 2.7L Ecoboost V6 10 Speed AT 4 Dr advanced 4X4 Sasquatch Package Hard Top, Black-painted Vinyl Black Seats Floor Liners I'll be waiting for a bit but I'm definitely fine with that haha
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    The Bronco Black Diamond Thread

    I reserved a 4 door Black Diamond, I'm thinking of adding the sasquatch package to it. This will be my first time getting a bronco as well as getting into off roading.I'm debating going with area 51 as the color or the other blue, but secretly hoping that a new green color option comes out.
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    I can't wait for the new Bronco to come out!!