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    Hi all. Just got a 2021 Bronco a couple of days ago!!!!!

    Congrats! What are the specs? And like everyone else on this thread...PICTURES!!!!
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    I Got T Boned Yesterday

    Glad you are ok, and very sorry about your Bronco!
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    Oops when installing the Bronco Nation Grille Badge

    Taking the top shroud off definitely helped. It's still really fiddily, and you have to be REALLY careful not to drop the backing nuts.
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    After 679 days, the Blue Monster is here...

    Color was the hardest thing for me to settle on. After waffling around with Area 51 and Antimatter Blue, I finally settled on Velocity Blue. When they announced Eruption Green, I gave it a quick but passing look. The only sustained flirtation I had away from VB was that fiery temptress Race...
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    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Added some decoration to the front grill...
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    The Bronco Nation Grille Badge is AMAZING!

    A little fiddily to to mount on my Badlands, but totally worth it!
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    After 679 days, the Blue Monster is here...

    I'm not sure it counts as a modification, but my first addition to the Blue Monster is complete.
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    Bronco Nation Grill Badge Install

    First Modification to the Blue Monster...
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    5/2/2022 Build Week

    Picked up mine yesterday!!!
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    How long does a girl have to wait…seriously

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure there is anyone on these forums will be able to provide you any real insight. Based on the builds that people on these forums are posting that get picked for build, I don't really think commodities are the big limiter. Chips still seem to be a problem, but that's...
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    After 679 days, the Blue Monster is here...

    Absolutely, I can't wait to explore this great state with other BN members. We'll definitely have to set some drives up.
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    After 679 days, the Blue Monster is here...

    And also I would be remiss if I didn't report that Mrs @tlowell01 has told me that some sort of step solution on the passenger side is not optional. HAHA.
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    After 679 days, the Blue Monster is here...

    I can't just appreciate her for the work of art that she is?!?!?! BAHAHAHA, it's a Bronco...of course not. 1. She goes back to the dealership next week for additional window tint and application of an after market paint protection package. That's already paid for and scheduled. 2. Pod...
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    Price Protection Check

    Sorry, I meant that all items that I specified in my post were applicable to folks that reserved/ordered prior to 3/19/21. I have no knowledge of what does/does not apply for folks after that date as I didn't research it/consult with my buddy at FMC because I was not in that position.
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    After 679 days, the Blue Monster is here...

    So after reserving on 7/15/2020, 679 days later on 5/25/2022, my 4 Door Badlands is finally in my possession! The "Blue Monster" is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to get 'er off the pavement. Unfortunately, as the high in Phoenix is 106 today, I fear I may have missed top off season until...