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    KC Area Bronco Club

    Got it, thanks!
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    KC Area Bronco Club

    I just searched on Facebook, not seeing it.
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    KC Area Bronco Club

    I was trying to build a group up on Facebook, but lost interest since my Bronco was delayed until 23. I’ve seen a few spotted in KC, but there isn’t a “group” yet.
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    Ford Confirms Raptor Bronco

    If this gets me a Bronco before 2023 I might just jump on the boat.
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    Ordering for 2022

    I doubt they will be making a molded in color white roof for 22. That would look terrible. Painted hard tops are starting in the 23MY, which is where we will be seeing white tops.
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    Ox white BL 4 door! Maybe 1st in OH?

    Maybe I should have just went with the MIC top. This is my build except for Sasquatch.
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    Will delays cause cancellations?

    Getting more and more likely that I'll be cancelling mine.
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    Ford's Friday Email: Free Hard Top Prep Kit, Price Protection Extended --- Plus Some Lows

    Super lame. Glad I went and bought the 350. But now I am considering waiting for the 22MY window to open to see the new options and going with a soft top with the kit until the hardtops are available to order.
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    Break Time

    Hey all, back again after a week break. So, I love this car, and it's amazing. But, after driving it for two weeks, I think I am going to stick with the Bronco whenever mine is produced. I will sadly sell/trade the GT350 in. I'm never going to be able to track this thing, due to KC not having...
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    Happy Father's Day from Bronco Nation!

    Kansas represent!
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    Break Time

    It's awesome, load times are almost nonexistent.
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    Break Time

    I've had mine since day 1. I was lucky enough to snag one on Amazon when they did the preorder release.
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    Race the All-New Ford Bronco in Forza Horizon 5

    Can't wait for the next Horizon. I played a ton of Horizon 4.
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    2021 Ford Bronco Production Underway, Shipments Begin

    Now for the fun waiting game of when the MY22 build and price opens. :LOL:
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    Break Time

    Haha, I saw this. I love Forza Horizon, can't wait for this release.