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    Kearny Mesa Ford in San Diego kept their promise from 2020

    I like the color! I went with Carbonized Gray once they did away with Antimatter Blue. Someday I'll have my Bronco so I can see it in person.
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    Kearny Mesa Ford in San Diego kept their promise from 2020

    It is good to hear a positive dealer experience! There are some good guys out there after all... Congratulations on your new Bronco. :)
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    22 Wildtrak Stalled and gave out!

    My 1991 F-350 has a manual switch in the driver's footwell. It is an inertia switch that trips on impact. You can just push a button to reset it. My 2002 Focus SVT had a shutoff switch in the passenger footwell side. Things have no doubt changed, but surely there is a switch in there...
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    Pics of only the back roof panel off.

    The shin bone is connected to the knee bone... The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone... The thigh bone is connected to the...
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    Photo Contest Final Voting

    #2. It has some kinetic activity going on. It also has a grin that we all wish we could experience in the Broncos that we don't have yet. :-(
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    Anyone else have trouble choosing a color?

    AntiMatter Blue with a Gloss Black Painted hardtop - 2021 Order. That would have been slick. Stuck with '22 colors now so Carbonized Gray it is. I just can't quite get behind Hot Pepper Red, though it might be great on a BRaptor.
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    How many long haulers are left ? unscheduled July '20 reservation holders?

    7/25/20 Reservation... Holding fast to my options. Would have taken a BRaptor if they had ultimately offered it. The extra money would have been worth it to at least know I'd have it by summer.
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    Got a reservation email that I can convert my order into a Raptor Bronco but it all went bad with dealer.

    Ford says that it will not allow dealership changes for Bronco Raptor orders: Bronco Order Holder Frequently Asked Questions ( The same FAQ page has a section about dealer pricing issues. They say: "please contact a member of our Bronco Support Team at 800-334-4375. " I'm sorry to...
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    [Quick guide] To Tow pkg, or to not Tow pkg, that is the question

    Thanks for the information. That is what I suspected, but hope springs eternal...
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    [Quick guide] To Tow pkg, or to not Tow pkg, that is the question

    Does the Tow Package include any extra cooling, like say an oil cooler? I added the Tow Package to my '11 Lincoln MKX and '02 Focus SVT and it included either an oil cooler that otherwise would not be present or an upgraded radiator. It wasn't necessarily documented in the package description...
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    Rear cargo drawer help.

    I am thinking that you could cut a small plate out of plastic or metal (painted) with holes to accommodate both the bolt that mounts the drawer and one in front for a bolt to hold the plate in place. You could use a button head cap screw style that wouldn't have any rough edges (it is domed...
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    Dashboard Fog Light Switch

    I searched on Bronco6G and found this thread. Page 15 gives some good information at the bottom of the page. The wiring harness can be found under the tow hooks of the modular bumper. (Lux or High packages, not sure about Mid) Factory Fog Light Switch | Page 15 | Bronco6G - 2021+ Ford Bronco &...
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    Dashboard Fog Light Switch

    I'll be interested to see how the wiring hunt goes. I currently have the HD bumper ordered, but am considering stepping back to Capable get the front fogs. I have not seen Ford factory rear fog lights on anything (not that I have really paid attention until now).
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    Engine Block Heater

    That looks like a winner! I was thinking the B&P photo was a stock F-Series photo, but it kind of threw me for a minute there. Thanks for the pic! UPDATE: I just added it to my order today :-)
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    Engine Block Heater

    Has anyone received their Bronco with the Engine Block Heater or seen one installed? I am thinking to add one in case I get up to the northern climes. I actually had it on my build, but then removed it when I saw the picture in the Build & Price. Does it actually look like this? I don't want...