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  • I’m in the process of trying to start two different affiliates, one for First Responders, Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatchers, Military. And the second one I’d like to start is for Pennsylvania, western Pennsylvania in particular. Pittsburgh etc. Any interest or opinions, please leave me a message.
    Whoever is interested, I’m in the process of trying to start two different forums. The first would be for anyone and everyone in Pennsylvania, southwestern PA. We can have a great Pennsylvania club. The second is for Law Enforcement/First Responders/Military. I’m talking with the powers that be.
    Has anyone else bought a hood air deflector with the tape kit? If so, have you had good luck with it? Any other that I’ve bought had to be drilled into the hood. Just trying to get some feedback. Thanks!!
    New to the group, a couple of weeks now. I’m a retired Police Officer, I’m also retired from the Federal Government. Also did two tours in Afghanistan as a private contractor. Great to be here!!
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