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    Still waiting

    Mine was done and took 2 weeks to show built. It was a hard top holding it up. My guess is at least two weeks from when you "heard" it was built. Then it will take time to ship too. Just be patient, it will come. I know totally how you feel I was going crazy, I was like "WTF!" so close and still...
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    Off roadeo $250 credit

    I took possession of my Bronco and assumed I would get the voucher via email. I don't want to sign up for rodeo and get screwed out of the the credit is done behind the scenes when you sign up it links the info and you get a credit?
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    US Northeast New York International Auto Show

    CANCELLED!!! :(
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    NJ Bronco clubs?

    I have a ‘69! And a took delivery of my BD last week.
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    Under Hood Insulation???

    Got mine, BD, standard package, no insulation. As said about I think that comes with the "additional sound insulation"
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    Fourth Off-Roadeo Location Announced: New Hampshire

    I'll be going! Question for those who already registered. Did you already receive your voucher? Did you have it before you signed up or did it come after you signed up..
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    Black Diamond Quick Review

    So I took delivery on Monday the 19th of my BD. We got a 4d, Cactus Grey with the MIC top, hitch, molded floor matts, upgraded wheels and the headliner (although that ended up being free). I was lucky enough to be my dealers priority order so my dates don't really apply although I was early on...
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    What a relief

    Congratulations!! Looks sweet.
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    In production 6/22, delivery 10/31?

    Mine was like that too. Was in production almost 2 weeks. I knew it was done due to a chat I was having with someone at the factory. I got the built notice and then waited another 2 weeks for it to arrive. Be patient, it will finally get there lol.
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    Yea supposedly they are marking them if the color is off and some jagged edges. Looked good when I looked at it this AM, so I’m hoping it’s all good.
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    Blend date was 6/18, it was built On the 21st, but sat there for a week and half with no word. I had heard there were units built with “bad top” written on the window waiting for new tops… well when I saw mine this morning when it came off the truck it said it on the window so that explains the...
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    Black Diamond Production Dates

    Done and delivered!
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    Do you call it the Full Size or Mid Size Bronco.

    Shame, there usually isn't that much arguing or negativity here on BN. I would expect it more on B6G. Not that I'm nocking that forum. I enjoy both for different reasons. But there tends to be more criticism of posts there and less here. To each their own, call it what you want, fullsize or...
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    East Coast Delivery

    Where do you live?
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    In production 6/22, delivery 10/31?

    Wow interesting never heard or saw this before. Cool