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    2.3L vs 2.7L

    Keep in mind that the 2.7 was designed from the ground up with being turbocharged . The block is CGI instead of aluminum and there are some other design features that make it a pretty robust 6 cyl engine . You can always drive the 2.7 more like a 2.3 but you can't easily make a 2.3 a twin turbo...
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    2.3L vs 2.7L

    I purchased a 2020 Ranger FX4 to get me by until the Bronco arrives and it has adequate power but nothing to get excited about . I was instantly glad that I had opted for the 2.7 in the Bronco .
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    gif of 105 Broncos on the production line

    : WARNING : These flashing images may cause seizures in people whos Broncos have not been delivered .
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    Check your FedEx accounts... Incoming swag...

    I have received the hammock and the poster but show a FedEx label created for the 1lb pkg now as well . If Ford had any sense of humor it would be my price protection/rebate certificate framed behind glass that says "Break Glass in case of Bronco Delivery " .
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    How much over MSRP

    Be careful of what you say about not wanting the Bronco and your plans to resell it . Dealers can and will refuse to sell it to you and add the ADM themselves .
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    Got the call today

    The rebate certificate/price protection voucher is explained in detail here .
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    Got the call today

    All of the 1/2" is from the suspension not the tires. I still prefer the warranty plus you can always go down in tire size if you like that look but you can't go up in size without some warranty concerns.
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    Got the call today

    A Badlands already comes with most of the Squatch goodies , but optioning for the Squatch pkg also adds the 1/2" suspension lift , (5) beadlock capable wheels and (5) 35" Goodyear Territory tires , all under factory warranty. Oh , you also get the special Sasquatch Badlands badging ;)...
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    How much over MSRP

    THIS is the MINIMUM that a buyer should be looking for when ordering their Bronco . I'm aware that by steering more people to Town & Country Ford in Bessemer Alabama may push my delivery back even more but I hate reading these stories of slimy dealers adding ADM to reservations . I could care...
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    Pay dealer '22 MSRP... Then Ford offers rebate for '21 reservation holders..?

    Plus you still get the certificate / rebate from Ford for the price protection :)
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    Options that delay production time frame

    My dealer said to leave it on my build when we spoke today . He said every one that they have gotten delivered so far has had the tow pkg so he didn't think it was a big deal .
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    Have you submitted your order?

    My dealer called me at 4:00 this afternoon and we went over everything . I sent my build to him and he said the paperwork would be emailed to me tomorrow to E-sign just like the first time . Deja Vu
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    The complicated allocation formula

    So it is not a Ford idea ?
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    Bronco grille - no more white letters

    If you blacked out the portion of the light bar that cuts into the headlight people would think you bought a Base . I like it though :)
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    Pay dealer '22 MSRP... Then Ford offers rebate for '21 reservation holders..?

    There's no way I would be buying a Ford product or be on a Ford forum if I felt that way about them . Are you still planning on rewarding that perceived treatment from Ford by still giving them your money ?