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    MIC Holdouts

    Got a 2 door on order and no interest in a soft top. So, holding firm for the MiC top!
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    What keeps you encouraged to wait?

    Buying my 4Runner has helped alleviate the wait. Though, with all the latest delays and issues cropping up. As well as my Patriot developing some problems. I've started really eyeballing a '21 Wrangler Rubicon. However, I found out the problems were not as terrible as they seemed, and it was a...
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    What is next for some?

    I'm waiting to see what the '22MY brings to the table. So, for the time being I'm intending to keep my order and wait it out. Though, our 2017 Patriot that we were going to trade in when the Bronco comes is suffering from some major problems now and may need to be replaced sooner rather than...
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    What is next for some?

    Dropped my original reservation back in December and picked up my 4Runner in March. Ended up placing another Bronco reservation and converting to an order in July. Just holding out for the MY22 options. Sadly, this latest round of bad news most likely has me looking at receiving my 2dr Bronco...
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    Unique Wildtrack Features

    I actually didn't like them much at first, but, they've really started to grow on me.
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    Build & Price - 4dr option gone on some models

    Huh, I haven't had that problem yet. The issue I've been having lately is that the "Start your build" button isn't working for the 4dr Wildtrak. It either doesn't respond at all, or just kicks me to the 2dr B&P for it. ...Considering I'm changing my order to a WT and waffling between 2 or 4...
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    Disappointing Range on 2D Broncos

    I don't think anyone's worried about the MPG per se. I'm not anyways (Hell, I drive a 4Runner and that sucker can be a thirsty beast!) It's more wondering why the 2dr only has a 16.9 gallon tank in it. MPGs are fine, like you said, it's an off-roader, but, it would've been nice to have had the...
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    Disappointing Range on 2D Broncos

    That's what's pushing me to change my order to a 4 door, sadly. Either that or go non-squatch. There's really no good off-roading nearby, so, it makes for a decent road-trip, and that little gas tank in the 2dr + Squatch. Ooof...We'd be stopping for fuel/pulling over to fill it up from the Jerry...
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    Have we seen all OBX interiors except Cloth Navy Pier?

    There are some better shots of it posted up over at 6G now. Not gonna lie....I'm digging that interior enough that it's almost swaying me from my Black Diamond over to the OBX... I might have to change my order...
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    Have you submitted your order?

    Order placed today. Took a while to make up our minds. My Wife and I debated points and prices on a couple of trims with the only solid choices being: 2dr, 2.7/Auto, and Velocity Blue. Finally we came to a decision and I went into the dealership to place my order: 2 door Black Diamond Velocity...
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    Have we seen all OBX interiors except Cloth Navy Pier?

    This video just got posted today featuring a 4dr Squatch'd OBX w/Navy Pier cloth! I rather like it, I must say.
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    Badlands Non-Squatch sitting in Allen Park

    I think I finally got myself sorted out for the most part. Like you, I prefer the grille and standard headlights of the Black Diamond moreso than the Badlands, and I just can't bring myself to like the orange accents in the BL at all. So, while the High package would be awesome...I think I'm...
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    Badlands Non-Squatch sitting in Allen Park

    I shouldn't have looked! I got the go-ahead on getting a 2dr, and so I was firm in my decision of a Black Diamond w/2.7 and Mid Package, possibly Sasquatch. However, after seeing this stock 2dr BL. I got messing around on the B&P and realized that the price difference between a 2dr Squatch'd...
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    How many of the Deadly Six is in your build?

    Well, I'm now up to 2...Possibly 3: 2 door 2.7L Debating the Sasquatch package.
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    Placing my order this week.

    Well, it has been a long and crazy trip, but, I'm finally going to place an order for a Bronco. Got fed up back in December and canceled my reservation and started my search for a '21 4Runner. Come March I managed to snag a '21 SR5 Premium! Been having an absolute blast with it, and got some...