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    Sasquatch with Aftermarket Lift - Why?

    I struggled with the issue and ended up base, SAS- Gears, warranty lockers wanted a stick but Ford said I need to pay for an auto and not use it. WTF. I will show them. I will take the 2.7 then if I have to go auto. All about factory warranty for me. Had a 15 Rubi 2dr 35's auto 2.5 suspension...
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    Mesh tops

    Like the design but we need a solid option too. To much sun in CA and AZ for mesh. Been there done that. Solid even it just covered the driver row would be assume. Had one on a Samuri in CA and loved it. You can run heat and AC and works for the driver and front passenger. Works fine in the rain...
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    Bronco Scheduling - Week of 5/23

    Talked to Ford the other day and still in process for 9 months. To be honest I don't want a year old vehicle if I don't get picked in this round. Just make it a 2023 with some upgrade like the lame speed tach screen.
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    Flipping Bronco

    AZ no sales tax pvt party to pvt Party sale. Buyer in Scottsdale will be easy to find once I get a build date and VIN. Not holding my breath either.
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    Flipping Bronco

    I am sick of the lack of communication and BS. Most likely I will have a cash buyer ready to take my BaseSquach when it arrives.
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    New To Off-Roading...manual or auto trans?

    I am a stick guy but my last Rubi was an auto and loved it off road in the technical rock crawling. You don't spin a tire and it hooked up. I was going to get a stick because I like the envolvement until they wanted me to buy an Auto and throw it away to get a stick. So pissed at Ford I don't...
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    Bronco Scheduling Week of 02/28/22

    I am done. If they ever build it I am going to flip it fast. Once I get a VIN and Build date it is for sale. Haven't owned a Ford in 25 years and now I remember why! F FORD
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    Going in March on a Weekday. Question for others who've gone on a weekday

    They had a full group go out before us. We had another couple and our guide in his own rig. We covered a lot more ground and went to several areas the other group didn't get too. Great time.
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    Price ✅

    Ford can go pound sand on a vehicle they can't build in 2 fing years!
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    Estimated Delivery Dates

    At this point I don't give a shit anymore. Waiting they might fix some of the shit they are putting out and get their act together. Total shit show. Zero confidence. I need another Ford lemon like a whole in the head! Took my Dad 15 years in court get a settlement on a crap Ford van he ordered...
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    $100 reservation Question

    I put $100 deposit down on a 2021 res and then Ford required another $500 to order a 2022.
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    Name your Bronco!

    Juice 2.0
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    Ordered a 2 Door BaseSquatch with 2.7L Engine…

    Ordered the same rig in OX White 21 Res holder in waiting.
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    Iconic just didn't pop for me in person. Seen it in the sun in Moab and the 2 door I checked out and drove. Needs more metallic in my opinion. Was pretty blah and boring. Wife liked the white one and it really pops with the black trim. Going to add black rock rails too if they ever built it...
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    I switched my build to White. Never owned a white car or truck. Had a white chevy salesmen's car right out of college. Was leaving Bishop CA and headed N back to Sacramento. Started pulling the big hill outside of town and heard the rod a knocking. Shit I didn't want to get stuck in the middle...