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    Bronco sport issues??

    I’ve put 6,000+ miles on my BS FE, mostly highway, but some trails in Michigan’s UP and Maryland. No issues and and a fantastic ride. Haven’t tackled any water yet… but a word of caution: only the Badlands and First Edition trims can ford 23.6 inches of water (and I believe that’s with optional...
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    Any ballpark ideas on when the 2022MY Bronco Sport details will be announced?

    If Ford sticks to their usual pattern MY22 order guides will be published around the time the order banks open on 8/30/21. However, we can expect to start getting “info leaks” earlier.
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    WHO?~ has the LAST 2021 Bronco Sport Build Date?

    According to icecapade on Blue Oval forum, order bank for 2022 BS opens on 8/30/21... link below:
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    Garage Door Opener

    Nope, I just slapped that clunky garage door opener on my visor. An eye-sore but functional... definitely ugly but was the easiest solution. :rolleyes:
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    Reports of Build Week Slippage.

    Ford starts a production run with dealer demo/mannequin orders to resolve any quality issues. An “OTB (Okay to Build)“ is given when they are able to run the assembly line for a week without any issues. Ford will not release any retail orders (your orders) until OTB is given. Any retail orders...
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    Account Vehicle Verification Issues

    And you might want to add to your contacts.
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    insulation under the sport hood question answered.

    Have a BS FE and it has insulation or sound-deadening material like the BL.
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    Darn Hood Vibration/flutter -sport

    Just finished my first road trip to Deep Creek Lake area, MD in a BS FE. A tad over 850 miles round trip interstate highways 70-75 MPH. Truck performed extremely well. More fun and a better drive than my 2017 Escape Titanium. Looked for but never observed any hood flexing. Had rain both ways...
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    Falken Wildpeaks--What air pressure?

    Agreed, mine rode well with 41 PSI, but I set the pressure to Ford’s specs. They add air before shipping by rail to reduce vehicles shifting during transit. Dealers are supposed to set it to Ford specs before delivery, but a lot of them are forgetting.
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    Falken Wildpeaks--What air pressure?

    Go by the label inside of driver’s door: 33 PSI all 4 tires. Tires are sett to a higher PSI for rail shipment. Mine was the same and dealer didn’t catch it when prepping.
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    Anyone receive their Bronco Sport FE yet?

    Got a surprise on 4/2 that my FE arrived at the dealer when I stopped by to order the heavy duty floor mats! They thought it was still at the plant. Got her on 4/3, 22 days early! Great ride, better than my 2017 Escape. On our first road trip to western Maryland.
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    Which BS and why?

    I went for the First Edition for the same reasons as @Bronco70_71 and I fell for Ford’s promise of “fully loaded”. I also really like the Navy Pier seats.
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    Shelf/Divider/Table and Cargo Area

    I think the Cargo Management System will make easier access when using the lift glass for loading/unloading “stuff” when it’s in the shelf position.
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    Are Mud Flaps Worth It?

    Has anyone installed, or even seen in-person, the way more expensive Gatorback heavy duty splash guards? They “appear” to be more-flexible than the less-expensive splash guards.