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    Bronco Craze

    I own two …. don't ever plan on getting rid of either one. 1993 XLT (5.8 California Bronco.... still find it amazing that it has such little rust.) owned since 2005 1996 XL ( 5.0 with a 5 speed) Owned since 2013. The 1996 is just soo much fun to daily drive. Slamming gears in a truck is what...
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    Members hobbies?

    Very cool Served in the Marines in the early 90's If I were you I would just get a FFL ( Federal firearms license) and start building guns. Not much machining required now a days. Just piece together components and sell a finished product …… kind of like building your own computer.
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    Members hobbies?

    Turning my 13 year old son into a dungeous and dragons geek. Good times. Just ran the curse of strahd with him. Funny how the same campaigns I ran as a kid back in 1986 ... are still relevant. Get's the kid off his screen...
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    North Georgia Bronco Club

    There are a few of us old timers who aren't afraid to get the rides a little dirty. We should plan a outing. Enjoy
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    Offroading in a NON sasquatch no lockers question.

    You my friend …. are truly a lucky man.
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    Offroading in a NON sasquatch no lockers question.

    stay out of the mud bogs … and drive slow... you will be fine. Driving off road is like driving on ice. Until you figure out what your doing .. it is best to take it slow. After a few times you will get the hang of it. It is all about keeping forward momentum. I have a 1993 lifted Bronco that...
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    Is $6500 a good price for 1995 EB

    If you can find one without deep frame rust ….. It would still make a great project. Check out the 1980 through 1986 Broncos. These are the Bull nose Broncos with the square headlight. In my opinion these will be the next Broncos to sky rocket in price ( with the 1986 year being the most...
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    Is $6500 a good price for 1995 EB

    Check the rear hangers for the leaf springs where the mount to the frame. If they are rusted badly …. you should walk away. As stated above Rust is your biggest issue. Starting a 6,500 with a rust bucket... is only going to make your life very hard. You can still find these in Arizona/New...
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    My kids whine about:

    I think every forum needs to "add value" for the users in order to be successful. I'm still trying to figure out this new Bronco crowd...... are they off-roaders? If they are .....then the whine adds absolutely no value ........ if the new owners just want to have a sense of belonging ... like...
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    88 B2 engine swap

    Since your starting with 88 EFI and the 85 will be carb.... you will need to ensure all your sensors can mount to the 85 block. I wouldn't think it would be that big of a deal. Are you keeping the EFI? From most of the bronco II research I did ... most guys are swapping in 4.0L from explorers...
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    I like the Bronco II

    Really like how this owner completed the chop top and tied the roll bar to the frame. Looks like a really cool project.
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    Fishing in Saint Augustine, FL

    As far as fishing in St Augustine..... Surf fishing is just about my favorite passtime. Whiting is a great tasting fish, and the red fish is even better. The intra coastal tributaries offer some of the best fishing in the state. Here is a hidden gem that is always empty... bring a kayak or...
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    Where's the power??

    I have seen the same issue described on the 1996 with a 302. Most drivers who have a 302 with an automatic are very unhappy with the POWA. They claim it has trouble getting out of it's own way and is very underpowered. Now if you take that same engine... in the same Bronco... and put a 5 speed...
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    What is the fasination with 4 door trucks and SUV's?

    Still waiting on a light bulb statement that will help me understand the popularity of 4 door trucks and SUV's??? Is it just "greed versus need"? Since it is the new thing to have ... kind of like that dumb ass Chevy tailgate ... give me a break already!!!!!! It is a tail gate ... does it really...
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    What is the fasination with 4 door trucks and SUV's?

    Maybe I'm just really old school ... but the novelty of 4 door trucks and small SUV's/jeeps has worn off for me. I have owned ( and daily driven) my Broncos for 15 years and I have sat in the back seat twice. If you want to be the car pool guy or Uber drive your friends around ... then get a 4...