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    1994 Ford Bronco For Sale

    Facebookmarketplace has a very active group for 92-96 Bronco sales. This is where I have been watching both prices and condition. Not sure this site is the market you are looking for. Most on here just dropped 40,000+ on a new one. They are valuable .... but you are in the middle of rust...
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    What are the odds..........

    This is exactly why Ford hit a home run with the new Broncos ...... If it isn't broken ... then leave it the hell alone. great picture
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    Timing Issues

    I over rev my 1996 Bronco with a 302 and a stick. The 302 ( which is about the same size as your 300 six) only starts making power at high RPMs. she doesn't have that same low end torque that the 300 has. If I were to shift at anything below 3,500rpms she wouldn't be able to get out of her own...
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    Timing Issues

    That 300 six cylinder and the stick shift should run FOREVER. I would think anything in the drive train causing that many problems ... would also make a ton of noise. I would try the vacuum test . Spray some WD40 or starting fluid around your lines .... if the idle increases you have a leak...
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    Would you let someone else Jump your Bronco ?

    Back in the late 80's i was stationed at Ft McCoy Wisconsin for some cold weather training. I was motor transport and we shared the shop with some combat engineers. They had a D7 bulldozer. Being 19 years old ... and just plain stupid ...we decided to build a ramp out of packed snow and see if...
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    Doors off

    The doors provide a ton of structural support to keep the body from flexing. Driving around town probably would not be an issue.... but if you start flexing over large bumps while off-roading I would keep a close eye on the drip rails where the top connects to the body and windshield supports...
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    Grandma's bronco

    On my 1996 i cut out the muffler and tail pipe sections after the second cat. I do not think your 1988 has two cats ... but anything after the O2 sensor is essentially useless..... unless you have to hook your tail pipe up to a smog sniffer. Since you are OBD1 the only way to smog test is a...
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    How water proof is the bronco dash electronics?

    electronics and water do not mix....... ever You can coat the electronics in substances that repel water ...... but that increases the amount of heat the electronics generate. excess heat will cause the electrical components to fail quicker. it is a true give and take. you want air flow to...
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    40inch tires on a base model no sasquatch package

    The two door and the monster tires looks like a beast. The 4 door model with oversized tires just look wrong ...... Like a fat man in a thong It just offends me
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    5th Gen Bronco Help and Guide needed

    Your mechanic is correct. The OBS Bronco (1992 -1996) is currently going up in value quickly..... with the 1996 OB2 being the hottest. The Brick nose (1987 - 1991) is the best value. The bull nose (1980 -1986) is a great purchase. No EFI so good luck finding a mechanic who works on carbureted...
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    New Tires '96 with 6" lift

    33"s on a daily driver is probably the best of both worlds. Still decent clearance and not too bad on mpg I have squeezed some 35" tires under the stock 1996..... but I had to trim the bumper... and she rubbed at full articulation on the plastic splash guards. Plenty of room in the back to...
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    New Tires '96 with 6" lift

    I have a six inch skyjacker lift and it fits 35" mud terrains nicely. The consensus is 35" is about the limits of the TTB front end suspension. Anything larger and your going to chew through ball joints, and tie rods. It just takes a lot of force to turn those big ass tires.... and the...
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    USMC 1986 to 1990 3521 Motor T Camp Lejeune 10th Marines Swinging with the Air wing over in Japan Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni I remember all we did was prepare for the Russian threat.... China was a sad joke. Now Russia is a sad joke and China just about owns the planet ….. How did it...
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    Real World Mileage

    WOW Really did not think sub 20mpg would be the standard with the smaller cubic inch motors? My 302 5.0L 1996 Bronco gets 13mpg around town and 15 on the highway. Of course I have a 5 speed stick and standard stock tires and ride height. The 302 doesn't even wake up until at least 3,500 rpm …...
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    Bronco II Inspired Retro 2 Door

    Very nice and captures the soul of what I consider a Bronco. Short wheel base, big tires, … it just screams to be taken out into the woods. mean, tough, and fun to drive. I feel you loose some of that MOJO when you put the extra 2 doors on them. Like putting a dress on a professional boxer.