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    Ford Bronco Scheduled For Production Emails Arriving April 15

    I’m a day one reservation and the second one at the dealer so we will see.
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    What Will Your Bronco Be Joining In Your Ford Stable?

    Don’t have pictures but a 2013 F150 supercrew in gem green and haven’t decided if I will let go of the 2011 edge sport in tuxedo black yet for the bronco.
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    Dealer Broncos

    Sorry I don’t have any information there. I know the local dealer in Annandale, MN should be seeing there’s late may to early June.
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    I’m HAPPY !!!

    I’m happy. Not worth being disappointed as I feel blessed enough to be purchasing a new vehicle of any sorts let alone the Bronco. On a different note. My dealer was notified last week their demo vehicle is hitting the production line next week. It’s a 2 door, cyber orange, outer banks with lux...
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    Ford Performance 2021 Outer Banks with Lux Walk-Around

    Not sure what I will use the Molle system for but I ordered rapid red so it gave me some good ideas of what I can do to my wildtrak. The bronze wheels and hood wrap aesthetically I thought were sharp.
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    Who’s Going To Wait For The 2022 Painted Hard Top

    I never planned on the painted top so no wait here. Good luck to everyone dealing with this one. I don’t envy you but I understand the frustration.
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    *POLL* Bronco Sport FAVORITE COLOR

    Local dealer in Cokato, MN has a Kodiak brown big bend. I have liked that color for awhile. Almost bought my 2013 f150 in it. If they had it on the full size it would have been a contender. I will see if I can get to the dealer in a few days and possibly get a few images.
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    Let’s see your Bronco buddies (pet pics please)

    We are picking this little one up in April. Her name will be Birdie and she is a bernedoodle. We are getting a cockapoo in May. She was born last week. No pictures yet.
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    New guy from Minnesota

    Nice to have another Minnesotan in the mix.
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    Why did you choose your model of bronco?

    4dr wildtrak Rapid Red Lux Tow package Side steps Have two young children and and two new pups plus the wife wanted to be able to drive it so manual was not an option. Heated seats and steering wheel are essentially a must in Minnesota. Won’t be doing any rock crawling so I was looking for...
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    Poll Week - Colors

    I went rapid red on my wildtrak.
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    A little story!

    My parents couldn’t decide what I should drive so I had the pleasure of possessing keys to a 67 mustang coupe with a 289 that I worked on with my dad and an 84 bronco 2 with a 6 banger and 5 speed that came from my uncle. My brother had an 86 bronco 2 as well. Ford kind of runs in the family and...
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    New Members from Minnesota

    One other thing. Look for trails approved for ORV’s with the DNR.
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    New Members from Minnesota

    As someone mentioned earlier the majority of trails in MN are up north in the Iron Range. Not much for true off road driving around the cities. I work for a parks and recreation department for one of the MN counties. Have fun and up north in the fall would be hard to beat. I ordered a 4 door...
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    Now that the order is in....the big question is....WILL I FIT??

    I am 6’6” and my brother is 6’7” and we both ordered as well. We have put myself, my brother, my father and brother in law in a 4 door ranger with my 6’3” brother in law as well and we had plenty of head room in it so I think you will be good for what all that is worth.