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  • Res.10287230 on 7/17/20. Wrong Bronco going ordered (dealer plans to sell). Covert (F52302?) placed new order B039, not associated with my account. No more perks or points b/c Ford thinks "my" Bronco is being built and sold to me. Help? sue@scratchsoftware.com NOTE: Also see 6376-E5C on new order paperwork. Can't figure out how to attach photos. :rolleyes:
    Hey I know u told me to wait and see if my order has been put in the system yet are u able to tell me if it has made it to the system yet sales order f44538 sales order 1111
    Hi Mikey, I was just reading through the forums and found that you can look up some info on orders? Not sure what kind of info you can see on your side but would appreciate your insight. Hopefully I have the correct info here.

    Dealer: F56596
    Order #: 6798
    Order / Reservation Number: 10789829

    Thanks, Chris
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