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    Wind Noise From Roof Rack?

    I’m liking the look without the rack right now and will probably leave it off till spring anyway. So much easier to push snow off the top with it off. Come April I’ll pop it back on time for surf fishing.
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    Wind Noise From Roof Rack?

    I took mine off to check and yes, the noise is coming from the rack. Was easy to remove but then you gotta store it. hoping there will be a defector specifically for the factory rack.
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    How many people are getting their 2 doors?

    Escape from Dirt Mountain. Received my built and pending shipping email last night, ship it gently please!
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    Who got their emails today?

    My build date was 7/21, the email just says roof replacement in October. Curious how some folks have a date range for delivery.
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    Dirt Mt refugees

    Does anyone of the dirt mountain refugees see any of the trackers update?
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    NJ Bronco clubs?

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    NJ Bronco clubs?

    Nope, my build is being held captive at Dirt Mountain refugee camp
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    Dreading Delivery Tomorrow-Dealer Prep : (

    Sorry dude but you gotta be kidding me.
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    2 door Charlie (click on pic)
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    Dirt Mountain 2 door tops

    Does anyone have any news, emails etc. with any updated info on the mic top 2 doors being held at Dirt Mountain?
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    New Jersey Broncos

    ACE Ford in Woodbury just received their first 2, it was nice to see one in person. They both looked great. Looking forward to my 2 door to be released from dirt mountain someday. I hope to get an email from Ford this month.
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    MIC Holdouts

    I’ve never seen a 4 door Bronco and I don’t believe there is such a thing. Call it a Bronco XL. I have a launch day reservation and a January order date and it’s currently parked at dirt mountain waiting for a new top, super frustrating but It will be worth waiting for. We will get our turn...
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    MIC Holdouts

    I remember the bargaining phase, I too once said the same. Denial was the toughest for me. Hang in there Bro.
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    What a relief

    I think it’s just you in SJ so far, my build is stuck at dirt mountain. Hope you are enjoying your ride. See ya out there one day hopefully.