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    Bronco Letters on Grill

    I have used numerous products from StickerFAb Did Area 51 overlays and love them.
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    Phone charge pad

    I haven to been impressed with the pre-installed charging pad. I wanted a wireless ecosystem, but have found my Iphone overheats rather quickly (yes, I have a magsafe case). The pad itself will be extremely hot to the touch.
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    Hair Control

    Wife and two daughters here... Combo of hats and hair bands. I keep some hair bands in the glove box. On a general weekend ride, they don't really care, but Sunday morning heading into church, well that's a different story.
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    Broken Bronco.

    I have found that when parking my Bronco on a gradient, all kinds of sensors go off. I find it funny that a vehicle designed for off-road conditions goes haywire when parked on a gradient. My driveway is also slanted and I would say over the 5 months I have owned it, the parking, hill descent...
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    Nice Dealer Swag....

    Not going to lie, got a UPS notification and couldn't figure out who would be sending this to me. Check the accounts to make sure none had been hacked. Then got an email from my dealership! Not going to lie, this is a pretty nice dealer swag if you ask me... 5 Star Ford - Carrollton - you did...
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    Year and a half wait was worth it (so far!)

    The sound system in the Bronco is a funny thing. Yes, the first couple of days I got my new Bronco, I had some of the exact same thoughts. The sound/volume/clarity in the upgraded B&O system did not live up to the price!!!! Granted normally my vehicle is my sanctuary (rarely listen to music or...
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    Sound Deadening Headliner - seeking input

    Yes - Hardtop I have even made calls with just the front two panels off and been fine. Wouldnt suggest it for a long conversation, but bouncing around town at low speeds it was ok. At highway speeds, I haven't had any issues, unless as noted I have the AC unit on. For some reason when AC is...
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    Sound Deadening Headliner - seeking input

    9000 miles on my WT - on the road everyday making calls No issue with sound or wind noise (unless the AC unit is on) I have not seen any need to upgrade the headliner at this point.
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    Vacation traveling/ Bronco count

    There are 3 being driving at my son's HS... He took mine the other day and they all parked together. I have seen several in NW Frisco. 1 FE, 2 WT & several OBX
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    Picked up my 2022 Wildtrax

    Nice Ride! Welcome to the WT Owner's Club.
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    Doors off/ Performance Top end

    It is not illegal to drive with the doors off. In TX, you just need one rear facing mirror (most often rear view mounted on windshield). I would have thought the Frisco police officer that was talking to me at the red light last weekend would have mentioned something since I had all 4 doors off...
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    MIC hardtop wind noise

    Are you running your A/C? I noticed last week, the 1st time I have had to run my A/C that the "wind noise" was absolute crazy at 70+ mph. When I turned A/C off, back to being quite. Not sure what caused it, as I have not been home this week driving the Bronco to troubleshoot. But I can tell...
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    Sad Night - Bronco vs Hail Storm..

    Thanks Insurance is coming today to view the damages. Will look at PDR as one of the finalist for repairs was suggesting mostly PDR work. Thanks
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    Sad Night - Bronco vs Hail Storm..

    I have several big craters on panel lines I would love PDR but the hood alone has over 40 dings. And Yes - the first dent was a doozy!!!
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    Sad Night - Bronco vs Hail Storm..

    Have a question for anyone that has already cried over damages to your new Bronco. How long were you quoted for repair work or were you even given an ETA? My 21 Wildtrak was pounded by a rather large hail storm this week. Ford shops in the DFW area are reluctant to even take the vehicle in...