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    New Bronco 2-Door Base Owner

    I have been to the Turkey Run a few years. Been a while. I am in Navarre
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    Bronco Raptor - First Look (with less camo)

    I asked my dealer about the chances of the Raptor for me. He had 70 names on the waiting list a few weeks ago. He felt he would be lucky to get a couple. his advice....order the Bronco I want today and maybe a couple of years down the road sell it and buy a used or new Raptor then. He is right...
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    First Edition ordered cancelled

    I was on for 45 mins and had my questions answered and I have my early reservation changed now to another dealer and have placed the order. It was all good. I did not like the 45 minutes of waiting but I accomplished what I needed. Good luck and hang in there.
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    US West Bronco Super Celebration West

    I will be there arriving a bit early and will have others with me. My daughter, member #2304, who has her build sheet and VIN for a new Badlands, which is going to be a BA Badlands build will be along. We all will leave after Super Cell and head over to the Durango, Ouray and Telluride area...
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    US East Bronco Super Celebration (East) 2021

    And the sticker looks Bronco worthy. Awesome.
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    US East Bronco Super Celebration (East) 2021

    Its about show time everybody. I hope everyone travels safe and the Bronco Gods are smiling on you. Dave
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    Upgraded Seats

    Very nice Gary. Those will be super comfortable. I like the old school seats and with the extra cushion they should ride great.
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    My project rig....

    [QUOTE= good friend of mine designed and another built it....has a top plate as well...not pictured Very Nice Randy that is gonna be a great bumper for you
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    Bronco Nation Premium Members Get SuperCel Tickets Free

    Yes it is. Great way to share the passion.
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    Cabin Fever Off Road

    Good Catch
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    Cabin Fever Off Road

    Thought I would share a off road trip in the Gen One. A bit of cabin fever here so thought I would get the tires dirty.
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    My project rig....

    Thats a good sign for sure. No leaks is a great feeling
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    My project rig....

    Randy I am on pins and needles here. More updates have been available I am sure. :cool: