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    Updated Title

    I hate the title of this thread because I get emails when this thread is updated and when I see email title: "Bronco Built and Shipped" I get SOOO excited. lol and then i realize it is from Bronco Nation and not Ford. LOL
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    Production Delay Notice #8

    I hope it is not your LUX package causing the delay because I am getting LUX as well and I wont give it up.
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    Ford shortchanging customers.

    I really like the USAA car buying service. I used it for my last 2 vehicles. But since I really really wanted the Bronco I went ahead and ordered direct from dealer. Regretted the fact I agreed to 2K over MSRP but oh well. In the long run I am hoping it will be worth it to get exactly what I...
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    No Roof 2.0 Failure threads here?

    Maybe I am an optimist but I am trusting if there ends up being a problem Ford will make it right with a recall. I still want my hardtop! Not a fan of soft tops.
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    So today is the day?

    All I know is when I see my first cactus gray Outer Banks with MIC and Tow on the road, I will get very suspicious they stole my car! ;-)
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    So today is the day?

    maybe i will do 1YRW8 and hopefully not 2YRW8
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    Updated Title

    I will NEVER EVER use Town Fair tire again. They are the worst. Screwed up 3 different cars I know from me, my son and a friend. They dont know how to properly balance tires. they have lost parts required for audi after market rims and then screamed at the customer. They are the worst. Cheaper...
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    Year&Model,order month&year,delivery date

    ordered my OB May 2021. still waiting for the email saying they have the parts to make my vehicle. dont think I will get it until next summer or maybe even fall
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    Build time?

    I ordered OB with hardtop and tow in May 2021 and switched to the 22 recently. my dealer said dont expect it until summer and maybe longer.
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    Car wash

    you must have a profound sense of fatigue...
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    Market adjustment B/S

    I wish I did that when I was told i Had to pay 2k over mSRP when I has to switch to 22. I almost feel like giving up the $500 deposit and going somewhere else but I dont want to lose my order date.
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    Retractable Full Soft Top Twill option

    I ordered the other one for just the front row. it was only 1390. I can have the easily retractable front row and hard top for the back and still have hardtop for the front row for the winter when I wont have top off at all.
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    Front License Plates in Connecticut and Other States

    sounds like a great idea if you are handy building stuff. a bronco inspired bracket that requires no drilling. kind of like those stick on hanging doodads that remove easily from drywall.
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    Lux Package….Worth it?

    question on the wireless charging pad and Android Auto... In my current truck the android auto wont work unless you connect phone to usb port. I wonder will android auto work if your phone is in wireless charging pad?