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  • Hi Laura,

    Did receive a poster today but it was badly damaged, torn and wrinkled. There was a sticker from the postal service saying that it was damaged on them receiving it. Is there any one to contact to get a replacement.
    Thanks, Kerry
    Good evening...looking at Austin Off-Roadeo next weekend for my birthday, questions:
    1 - Is it now one day or still two? Booking Friday July 30.
    2 - As I am a late reservation and order (both were done June 23) do I qualify for the $250 credit? Reservation on hold for now.
    Thank you!!
    Hi Laura , Just wondering if you need to be invited to go to the bronco nation tour in Tampa and if so how doyou go about doing so ? Thank you.
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    Good question, @gumby damit -- No invitation necessary, no sign-up needed (but you can let us and others know you're planning on it by hitting the RSVP on this page!). Just show up!
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