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  • 19 days and counting - still no "shipped" email. Convoy to DC area. Built 4/25. Anyone else? No line photo either
    It was built 4/25, rolled off the line at 3:30 am, and sits in aisle CE4G awaiting Convoy pickup. Can't wait!!
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    Wow, how did you get that level of detail?
    Dealer contacts are able to get the information from OASIS I believe it’s called. Also, your ramp is in the window sticker. Mikey Smith is a godsend.
    Blend underway any minute, getting excited about refreshing modules. Probably will be perched by my laptop until they pop. On the other plus side - my Big Bend with Manual, Tow, MIC, LED just got previewed meaning a VIN is imminent! Just waiting on the 2 Door Base to preview... might add the MOD bumper to that if it hasn't yet.
    Scheduled to the day of 4/22/22! I can't believe next week is my build week!!! Getting antsy checking for a window sticker!
    My reservation tracker FINALLY shows my 4-18 production week. Feels so good to finally have it represented visually. Less than a month to go
    Realllllllllllllllly want my build date to be here already for the four door. I’d settle for a vin on one of the 2 doors
    when did you place your order
    I have 3 one order only 1 scheduled.

    12/29/21 base 4 door soft toP Prod. 4/18
    3/7/22 ordered 2 2 doors, one 2.3 non sas manual, one 2.7 SAS. Both base. No dates or vin yet obviously
    Just ordered 2 more Broncos, that makes 3! All base models, two 2 doors, one is SAS. Got a few different to play with depending on the mood. Excited to compare the 2.3 and 2.7 IRL
    I got an email from Ford late last night - I was so excited thinking my production week was getting pushed back up after being bumped twice, as some have gotten. Nope - bumped again. Originally 2.28, then 3/14. then 3.21 and now 3.28
    I know many have waited much longer - and I have plenty of patience left, but it did make me a little upset. Looks like it may show up around my birthday so that's a silver lining.
    Bumped AGAIN. First 2/28, then 3/14, now 3/21 please let this be the last one. I really want my soft top in time for my birthday and graduation
    Still haven't received an email about scheduling... even though my dealer has seen a 2/28 production week for the past 2 weeks... :(
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