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    Towing Capacity

    I agree, and I'm not sure that I would want to overland with a 5,000 LBS trailer anyway. That's a LOT of weight to be dragging around off-road. Something like a Taxa would be one choice. One thing I would suggest before you run out an buy something is try renting. For example, you can rent an...
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    Seat back protectors- Amazon

    Just put these on, and we are going off-road this weekend so it will be their first true test. But fro what I can tell so far, well worth it if you have that carpet on the back of the seats.
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    Collision Avoidance Sensor

    You can just use the foil from your hat... :ROFLMAO:
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    Collision Avoidance Sensor

    You've probably already done this, but just in case ... check and make sure that the sensor is free of obstructions and/or dirt. Also, check the windshield and make sure that area behind your rearview mirror is the same.
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    GMRS antenna mount inside vehicle

    @Mal Can you provide a little insight on how/where you mounted your Nagoya antenna?
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    Soft Top Window Storage

    This was discussed in another thread somewhere, but the short answer is yes there are storage bag available for the soft top windows. Here’s one example:
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    No 2022 Carry Overs!

    The allocation system is what it is. Agree or disagree, it's been in place for things other than the Bronco for a long time. It's also pushed by the big dealers to keep their competitive advantage. Getting your Bronco seems random, and in some ways it is. Here's kinda what happens: You...
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    Got mine today ... based on the verbiage in the cover I would think that it's going out to everyone (i.e. order holders and people who already have their Bronco).
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    GMRS antenna mount inside vehicle

    So in relation to this discussion, I'm going to install my mobile in the Bronco next, and was wondering what dual band antennas (2M/70CM) people are using with good results? I'm thinking about mounting on the tailgate of the Bronco using a mount that connect to the tailgate hinge screws. I...
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    GMRS antenna mount inside vehicle

    That would be better than the antenna that comes with the hand held for all the reasons discussed. But let me give you a different perspective about the mobile vs hand held. Everything that has been said about simplex communications being LOS is absolutely correct. However, when you are...
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    Tailgate Folding Table Installed

    Here's what it looks like installed on my Badlands.
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    Bronco yellow door sticker says doors off only OFF ROAD

    You're making a big assumption there...
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    Off roadeo $250 credit

    The credit just appeared on my credit card a month two after I took delivery of my Bronco.
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    Off roadeo $250 credit

    Same here. They actually told me I had the credit while I was browsing around the store.